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03 August 2009


John Ozed

Did he ever have a spine? We know he has, or rather- is an ass.


I'm not surprised or disappointed. The Rethuglican Party is the party of "NO". This is the same party where only 42% of them believe that President Obama was born in the USA. They are a sad and pathetic bunch.

Chitown Kev

Heh. I guess Arizona isn't that important to Republicans.

I can't figure out what McCain has to gain by this? The Republicans never really liked him anty-way.

Whatever, Sonia Sotomayer will be our newest Supreme Court justice and nothing that this loser says or does will change that


Kev, I think that Arizona is important to the GOP as its one of only 3 GOP stranglehold states in the West. McSame can't win the county that has Tucson, Pima, as it has a large, active Hispanic voting bloc, but he sweeps through Phoenix which has a large, I think 30% Hispanic population, but, one that seldom votes. Once this gets out, I have a feeling that those who don't vote will since they are also being vilified by the Sheriff and his anti-Hispanic ways that even got rev Al to go to Phoenix, and, maybe McSame will have a real race since its the largest city in the state and can nullify the right wingers in the sticks.


I'm so glad father time lost the election..

alicia banks

i expected this from this racist sexist old troll...


Well, well, well. I'm actually kind of surprised about these recent turn of events with McCain. However, I guess he wants to reaffirm the WASPs that he is in their corner. It's ashame because I was starting to see McCain in a more pragmatic and agree-to-disagree respectful manner.

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