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03 August 2009


D. Askew

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

I knew you would have these screen caps today. And you were wrong on that "oh and what an "actor", too!" lol

D. Askew

Rod, and welcome back. Some of us went thru serious 'Rod withdraw' when you took off last week. But as much as you do, I am surprised you aren't tired more often.

Thanks for the delicious Eggs Bendict for dinner!


that body is dayumn fine


yes yes yes
whatta man whatta man

love me some mehcad and some 'true blood'


I especially enjoyed the scene between Lafayette and Eggs. Lafayette was definitely going somewhere with his conversation until Tara interrupted them. When Tara scolded Benedict (Eggs) for being embarrassed by his name, Lafayette made reference to the last part of his name. That was so funny.

Cre8tive Huslter

Different strokes for different folks I guess...Mehcad just seems kinda big bodied for normal consumption so-to-speak...LOL..At one point he put his leg on Tara and I thought that it had to weigh like 80 pounds, LOL...

Shane Moseley

Beautiful body but can't act his way out of a paper bag.

Must have been some 'audition' for Alan Ball, lol.


I think he's gorgeous and talented to boot. Why we always hold our own to some ridiculously high standard is beyond me.

It's a show about vampires, shape shifters, witches, and a trannie thrown in for good measure. Have some fun.


Gorgeous, yes. Talented, definitely. But seriously not the best actor. But that's okay, Mehcad doesn't have to be, but he is outstanding in this series!


I really really love these Mehcad Brooks and True Blood recaps and screen caps. I am so glad to see other brothaz getting into this series. It is one of best series on TV!


I really love the show and pretty much all of the characters as well, it's a lot of fun and a great escape. Mehcad is obviously beautiful and their isn't a shortage of people to look at on the show either, seems like they have just about someone out there for every taste lol.


This show is really Good and I enjoy Mehcad's character, but something tells me he wont last further than this season. I will enjoy the shirtlessness while it lasts, LOL!


Seek and ye shall find. You all know me and my relentless pursuits.



Y'all have me hooked to the show - and that ain't right, cause it's just to see what's going on with the black characters.
He did kill for Maryanne! and the question that Tara has always asked is being answered each week re: Eggs. Lafayette did read him though, immediately.

Honut SInti

Uh, Ollie Mae honey, its dark in here. Oh! I see faint outlines of somebody. Is that a naked man? Girl, turn on the lights! ;)


Honestly, I watch True Blood all the time, even the re-runs. and everytime i see Eggs, I want to make omelets.
I am also so happy the sex scene between him and tara. There are no black sex scenes ever. although the booty slapping in thr orgy is very graphic. LOVES IT! Im so jealous of Tara


Oh my, Grulene. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! He's the most beautiful, sexy, hottest thing I've ever seen. Me next, please.

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