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04 August 2009



So, the fashions have gone from one extreme to another: from baggy to super-tight.
Those two at the top look like a couple of hungry flamingoes.
I know this stuff isn't for us over-30s, but they just look sad and depressing.

Cre8tive Hustler

I just love when fashion shows and fashion magazines highlight new trends that we never actually see in public....If I ever wanna see what the REAL latest fashion trends are I just hop on the subway for a few days...LOL

Lang B

Nate Gill is just gorgeous.
The fashion world can be so un-creative at times.


Nate Gill is so freaking gorgeous. His body is so sexy because he's not all swollen and ultra buff. He's got pretty boy boy next door looks, chiseled features, beautiful skin tone...ugh...I love him.


@seahawk: "Hungry flamingos"??


Look, I realize if you're over 30 as you say, you must be just barely over 30, because for some of us, skintight pants were a part of our youth. We've been in baggy mode for a long time now, and it only makes sense for the pendulum to swing back a bit.

Of course, the gansta wannabes can't hide their wannabe weapons in skintight pants, so that'll never fly with them.


That's not that tight.
Not that tight at all.

What are you talking about?


Tight for many black men means that it fits. Nate doesn't have thick legs. He has a swimmers body. Those jeans are for slim framed guys, which he is. He is tall and slim. I dress preppy and was never into the baggy clothes fad. I like my polos custom fitted, which means they hug my body but they aren't skin tight. I like my jeans and pants to fit appropriately. Loose and baggy to me look sloppy. But with some people ya know..if the pants actually sit on your behind the way they are supposed to and if your shirt isn't big enough that you can squeeze an extra body in there its too tight.

Then again...why is anyone listening to fashion advice from people who choose to wear their clothes in baggy fashion?

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