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17 August 2009



This sort of vile racism makes me sick to my stomach, but, sadly, its a fact of life, even in 2009 and these people think they can spew them now more than 10 years ago since its no longer it appears tacky to be a vocal out racist and they just say how the really feel. The only thing that bugs me more is that the bigot will not lose her job and I wonder if she would have found someone making Polish jokes funny?? And, Lord knows there are plenty of those around.


I feel sorry for any black person in that city who needs police attention...
Of course the police are probably racist too. So it's basically a no win.


And the thing about it is that this isn't the first time I've seen it. When the new Air Force One was commissioned, someone photoshopped this picture and put it on the internet. The blatant unabashed racism out there is off the charts. I have never seen a sitting President disrespected by lawmakers, the media, and the average citizen as much as President Obama has been. President Bush didn't receive major criticism until his last two years in office. And what did it take for that to happen? Katrina and the bottom falling out of the economy. And remember when blacks were labeled as communists and outside agitators during the civil rights movement. Today, President Obama has been labeled a Marxist, communist, socialist, Hitler-like, a Nazi, and not born in the US. Things haven't changed all that much, have they?

As much as this country tries to pretend that it has evolved, things only change after a disaster of some type has occurred. Slavery didn't end until there was a Civil War. Jim Crow, voting discrimination towards blacks, and segregation didn't end until countless lynchings, bashings, and the monumental embarrassment of the US in the media around the world took place. Even the conviction of cops accused of beating Rodney King on videotape didn't occur until LA burned. This country doesn't change willingly, but only through force. We still have a long way to go.


And why are we surprised. It will only get worse. In straight and Gay enviorments about this President!



It took less than 8 months for this nation to reveal its true colors - Swastika black on white on red. Someone said it earlier: Just because the country elects a smart president doesn't make it a smart country. But we're a racist as it gets.

Honut SInti

That b**ch can only be described as:

C razy
R acist
A ssinine
C onfused
E mbittered
R ot-waste

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