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05 August 2009



That is exactly my point. Everything has been very conveniant for the navy. From how it was initially not discovered, to being discovered, to no one charged, to not telling his family the truth, to finding someone, and sunddenly saying it wasn't a hate crime to not saying why it's not a hate crime, to his aunt knowing information, to finding out the murderer was gay, to now him commitiing suicide while under watch.

This is all such a tangled web that the navy has created for itself. How can a military person be on a crime spree for a whole month and it end as it did and no one in the military not know a thing about it till the murder, and even then only after outrage from all the news sources, and politicians? The navy thinks it's over now that the killer is dead. This is just the beginning and we all have to keep it alive until there are real and honest answers, because another one of our own can be next, and the military would think it has found the "formula" to sweep over gay murders and harassment.


And the plot thickens.

Brain Thompson

It appears to me that the Navy did exactly what they stated: "they watched him commit suicide".

Nathan James

I think Campos was quietly permitted to kill himself, to spare the Navy, Defense Department, and Provost's family a whole lot of grief. I second Rod's observations that there is a lot more to this story than we've heard.

Perhaps this awful tragedy will be a wake-up call for the Obama administration, the Pentagon, and Americans everywhere, to address the blight of institutionalized, government-sanctioned homophobia in out armed forces. Our soldiers, sailors, and airmen fight to keep us living without fear. Gay servicemen and woman shouldn't have to serve in fear.


At first, I thought that Campos wasn't on suicide watch because how could he have killed himself without anyone stopping him. But now with this revelation of a 36 minute gap in inspections, how can the Navy justify this suicide. As I stated earlier, there were two possibilities: either Campos was allowed to commit suicide or he was murdered. I still don't know which one happened though. Either way, the Navy needs to be independently investigated. I don't trust them at all. How convenient?


In my July 31 comment to your Provost post on July 25, in which I reported Campos's suicide, I included the following link to the LA Times article which stated, citing a Navy release, that Campos was on suicide watch and that he killed himself using toilet paper:


Yes. And? You missed the post where we reported Campos committed suicide. Also the LAT piece was updated several times b/c the original reports did not say he was on suicide watch and surely did not specify the manner of death beyond "suffocation."

I think the most you can say is that I was a few hours late on the suicide. But why stress that and ignore the 20+ posts on August Provost at this blog? And the fact that we were the first blog to report this story? Thanks tho. -RM

Chris Cruz

>>>In my July 31 comment to your Provost post on July 25, in which I reported Campos's suicide ....

No offense, but dropping comments in week old stories is not "reporting." Especially when there were several other stories in the interim.

I have no idea what you're trying to boast about, but, whoever you are, you really haven't "reported" this story dawg.

Moving on: It's very convenient the Navy now admits the man tried to commit suicide twice before and his suicide wasn't unexpected. They sat by and watched him kill himself. It helps the USN and the investigation and spares a court martial. And what that would have revealed.

Jamar Herrod

I completely agree with Nathan James and I share Ravenback's sentiments as well. The fact that Provost is dead IS THE TRUE tragedy. Further investigation is the right way to go in regards to his suicide.


Hi Rod, you wrote, "You missed the post where we reported Campos committed suicide." As I said, I reported the suicide on this blog on July 31 in the comment section on the July 25 Provost entry, the most recent Provost entry at that time. You reported the suicide in your next entry which was on August 1. Therefore I did not miss the post, as you suggested.

The reason for my post was today was that today's entry says that the Navy "now" says that Campos was on suicide watch. The Navy said this last month in their release, cited by the LA Times.

We all miss some things. I didn't see that original LAT report. But you're also confusing "manner of death" (suffocation/toilet paper) versus "surveillance" and "suicide watch." My question was rhetorical because we all understand Campos allegedly stuffed toilet paper in his mouth. That was reported days ago.

The primary issues here are about video surveillance and security procedures at Pendleton. I've discussed this numerous times since I broke the story.

Perhaps you didn't realize I've been writing and producing TV news for some years? Bless your heart for trying to fact check, tho. -RM


gamera umm yeah, we all talked about death by TP over the weekend and on Monday.

we're kinda sorta focused on the security and surveillance aspects of the investigation. if you can understand that. doesnt seem like you can.


I wonder who will be allowed to look at the videotape? Or will the USN/DoD be required to release that?

Aaron Parker

I highly doubt the Navy would willingly share that video. But a congressional investigation could subpoena the video.

I'm with Ravenback. I wouldn't be surprised if there were foul play here.

King Drive

No offense to Gamera...
This neither the time nor place to try to complain that Rod missed some article last week.

We are trying to discuss the memory and the horrible death of a black gay man and proud servicemember.

Thank you.


Someone here must be reading my mind:


It's a cover-up

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