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03 August 2009



Gohere for an editorial about homophobia in Israel. It turns out that Israel is not as tolerant as some would have you believe.


Tel Aviv is known for being more tolerant than any other place in Israel. Of course Israel is not going to be perfect, b/c no country is......but imo they are trying. As for Palestine vs Israel if you label Israel as having a racist government then you have to give the same title to the Palestinian govn. as well. Israel does recognize gay marriage unlike many countries. Hopefully they catch the gunman.


@ Joseph:

You really are a piece of work. You (try to) criticize Rod earlier for not posting the latest on the Tel Aviv shooting .. and when there are two posts instead of expressing concern or support for the nation and the LGBT youth, you launch into a anti-Israeli anti-zionist diatribe. And the Holocaust? Really?

And Chamblee54, whatever.

I am disgusted and appalled at the sentiments expressed here. The story is about the shooting rampage, NOT the government's policies towards Palestine or the occupied countries.

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