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05 August 2009


D. Askew

Bernice King would be a DISASTER.
Something tells me they don't care tho


We just talked about this type of thing on the story about Roland Martin on CNN. My previous comments apply to this story as well. I can't get worked up over this ignorance in the black church anymore.


We don't like her. She's not a dreamer like her father. She's delusional.

Chitown Kev

This woman is simply hateful and has so betrayed her father's legacy.


Bernice is proof positive that you cannot always judge a person by the company they keep. Her parents were two of the greatest humanitarians, yet all their influence could not keep her from becoming a total tool.

Kevin Perez

Was it with these wannabe psuedo-Martin Luter Kings and the like that continue to claim that MLK would be rolling in his grave because of the gay rights movement being compared to the civil rights? For the general Black LGBT community, what you are witnessing is the transition from oppressed to THE oppressors. African Americans and other etnic minorities don't want to be the whiping boys of White America and equated with every negative stereotype imaginable yet that is exactly what they to us. African Americans, Latinos and Asians, as well as other minorities have this attitude that their hatred and animousity towards us is justifed because of their alleged "religious beliefs" or how "we did this to ourselves"

With all the self-hatered and continuing AIDs epidemic in coloured communities, this almost seems like a overkill. And I'm sorry to those are Black and gay but I'm simply do not buy that the heterosexual Blacks need to be "reached out" or there needs to be discussion either. More than ever I'm convinced is that THEY DON'T CARE (Hell, we don't care about ourselves!). Unlike being gay, THEY CHOSE to pretend LGBT of color don't exist, THEY CHOSE to turn a blind eye to our suffering and the out of control violence agaist us, THEY CHOSE to treat us like were beneath them, they CHOSE to exclude us from their pathetic definition of what a community is, THEY choose to view as a different entity and dehumanize us to nothing, THEY choose to act very elitest with anything that is LGBT, THEY choose to ignore religious scripitures when its convinient to them, THEY choose to be selective about their f*cked defention of morality. And most importantly, THEY CHOOSE to convince us were not worthy of life.

It seems LGBT of color, especially transgendered kin, wills always get the short end of the stick because we continue to allow these heterosexual MONSTERS define what being LGBT of color means. When young Black and Latinos are killed or are victims of police brutality, we never hear the end of of how evil racism and the cops are and how ethnic minorities are being killed and mistreated and abused. Heterosexual Blacks and Latinos are always the victims, no, poster children of oppression by the evil Whitey. But when Heterosexual Blacks and Latinos attacks LGBT Blacks and Latinos, ESPECIALLY transegendered, BOTH turn to blind eye and try to justify/rationlize the violence and ignore. They blame us. They say we brought it upon ourselves. These disgusting @$$holes bring God's name in vain and claim its punishment for our alleged "lifestyle", our "deviancy" and challenging the gender norms, so there for the sake of order in the community, its justified. These sick, hypocritical, judgmental SOBs wouldn't stand for cops beating on Black and Latino youth but they allow thugs to beat us because of their petty insecurities and their pathetic attempt to prove what they feel is their manhood being in question and to put LGBT in the place and put us down the social ladder and in the end, simply by the mention Jesus Christ or Virgin Mary, it seems that all the abuse we endure is erased and these sick f*cks and bystanders that are a witness to violence like this are telling us not to make "judgements". The beatings and near death sentences done by people in our community aren't important as the ones done by White cops or racists. We're simply just gay to them. We're on the same bandwagon and these people treat us, and continue to do so, as if were beneath them.

And I'm sorry everyone for this long rant but reading just makes my blood to such extremes! It makes me sick to my stomach!


@ Kevin Perez

You don't have to apologize for expressing your outrage. This is exactly the place to do so. And thank you Rod for providing a venue to freely express our views.

I share similar views as you do Kevin Perez, especially when it comes to reaching out to the straight world. I refuse to live in a closet because there are people out there who might be offended to know that I'm gay. I don't care what the church says about homosexuality. Their views don't define who I am as a human being who happens to be gay. When my husband was alive, we constantly could be seen in public holding hands, embracing each other, and even kissing each other. We could care less if someone objected to us. We welcomed the feedback if they had the guts to offer it.

So I understand your feelings Kevin Perez. Just work towards arriving at a place where it no longer makes you sick to your stomach. Believe me, they are not worth the aggravation.

alicia banks

i hope not

i despise her!

this would be akin to clarence thomas' disgracing of thurgood's legacy...

what a horrid disgrace this would be to the legacy of julian bond!


she is a disgrace to the entire mlk clan:


robert moore

this organization has been irrelevant for so long I would not worry about it one way or the other. the NAACP and the Urban League have made SCLC unimportant and unnecessary in my view.


I bet her parents are sickened by her bigoted views. What does it take to call yourself a Reverend these days? I hope she eventually burns in Hell for her truly un-Christian ways. Absolutely disgusting woman.


Actually, Rev. Bernice King is a tragic story, in her own internalized hatred and the truth will unfold in time. My hopes were that she would have come her self but it just demonstrates the profound stigma within the African American community concerning LGBTQ issues.

She could have had a very different voice to present.

My Love

Rev. Bernice King is a beautiful, loving, compassionate woman of God and I love her. We should keep her in our prayers. Total self- love and acceptance can be a difficult process. We can't fully understand the pain she has endured, unless we've walked in her shoes. She is one person who could really help LGBTQ people in the African American community. Let's not give up on her. True love can perform miracles.....

My Love

Rev. Bernice King is a very courageous woman and she will support what is right for ALL people, just as her father did. Rev. King may have been anti-gay in the past, but she loves everyone now, just as Jesus Christ does!!! She will be chosen as the SCLC's first female president and will do an amazing job!!! Her parents, entire family and I are very proud of her! I apologize on behalf of all unenlightened churches, religious leaders and others for the way LGBTQ people have been treated. We have made so many mistakes. Please forgive us and offer us another chance to show how God's love should truly be expressed in this world. God is Love.....

Heavens' Girl

"I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you."

Gods' Angel

"You're my baby,
MY LOVE, my lady
All night
you make me
want you
it drives me crazy
I feel like you were made just for me baby
Tell me if you feel the same way

Cause it just feels so right
I don't wanna waste no time
If I had to choose
I know; I'm gonna always choose to be with you
Cause girl don't you know

Girl don't you know
you're so beautiful
I wanna give all my love to you girl
not just tonight
but the rest of your life
I wanna be always here by your side."

My Love

"My love is your love
there ain't nothing in this world that they can do to make me give you up. You'll ALWAYS be my girl, so let them do whatever, say whatever, cause I ain't giving you up..... Tell me what they know about MY LOVE."

Heaven Sent

"When love won't let you walk away, and you can't help who you love..."


Yes it's a G thing, whenever we swing.
I'mma need Coretta Scott, if I'm gonna be King.

I'm a movement by myself.
But I'm a force when we're together.

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