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03 September 2009


Former COGIC

"Not too bad, Dave. But you need to tweak it some. Maybe a few focus groups over the holiday weekend?"

You ain't gonna worry me, Rod. You ain't gonna worry me lol


I guess the tweaking will involve the 'spirit' of Ted Kennedy?


Spot on Rod, this whole thing is dead in the water so why are they even still talking about it? And, even moreso, who is O going on TV, does he really think anyone is even listening to this issue that the GOP has won big time and time to let them win a new game in the sandbox.


Obama's big mistake was playing too much attention to the mistakes that Clinton made. Let's review:

1) He tells Congress to get it done by August but doesn't lay out any firm ideas. No basic tenets, no parameters.

2) The public starts forming an opinion about healthcare reform even though no plan is laid out. The scare tactics begin, the Right Wing organizes, and Obama can't stay on message.

3) He opens his mouth about Gates. This only fuels the fears of whites (make no mistake-- a lot of this displeasure is racial in origin).

4) He takes the public option off the table when he knows Republicans will nog go with him. He decides that it is better to stare down his own party rather than the opposition.

We should have started with single payer, and I bet you we would have ended up with public option. Now we start without public option and we won't get real reform. We will not see the rolls of the uninsured diminish, we will not hold costs down, and we won't have real competition. How O can imagine that he can spin this into a "win" is beyond me.

As E. Lynn once wrote "I'm hanging up on this dumb sh*t!"


So, next time I get some health care, I’ll just tell the doctor not to worry: The Public Option Spirit will be paying for it.

You know, the POS.

Andy Niable

(heavy sigh)


James Clyburn, the 3rd highest ranking Democrat in the House, said it best. "We might have to take a half-loaf of reform at first and work towards getting to the greater goal one step at a time."

I think the only answer at this point may just be pragmatic motion since so many Democrats in moderate districts are now talking about not supporting the reform either (for fear of retribution from the right in their district). The White House is apparently going with a Plan B to prevent a total disaster that did occur with the Clinton administration.


I am dead set against a public option. Yes, I'm a black man and a Democrat - and an Obama voter no less - but I have been very disappointed in Obama so far, especially when it comes to this.

I have to disagree with Kevjack. Had Obama started w/ single payer, he would have gotten absolutely nothing and would have potentially ruined his presidency - even worse than he's done so far. We are still a center-right country. There was no way that was going to fly. The revolt would have been an explosion much bigger than the townhalls-gone-wild we've seen this summer.

In reality, this healthcare debate has been about much bigger issues than simply healthcare. The debates have been about the expansion of government, deficit spending, DISHONESTY and disingenuity from the POTUS, and voter remorse. Obama misread his victory in November and got cocky. White America gave him a chance. It was not a mandate to run this country from the far left. I hope he gets back on track.

And yes, Obama has been dishonest about this issue. We know for sure, b/c he's said so in the past, that he's a single payer advocate. He's outright lied to the American people and said the public option will allow most citizens with healthcare they like to keep what they have already, when he knows the public option will lead almost directly to a single payer system. When combined w/ Medicare and Medicaid, and the fact that many millions of people will be dumped onto the public option by their employees (something Obama always manages to not mention in his press conferences and townhalls), we're looking at a defacto single payer system. In Massachusetts and Tennessee, two states that have put universal healthcare systems in place, huge numbers of citizens were dumped onto the public systems. TennCare, in fact, was such a disaster, the gov and legislature are working on reducing the state's program.

Another lie is contained directly above - that if you like your healthcare, you can keep it. Not if your employer doesn't. Oh, and if the public option reimburses like Medicare, there's the strong likelihood that your doctor may opt-out of the system until he quits practicing medicine altogether.

Yet another lie - that cutting $500 million f/ Medicare will not compromise the healthcare of seniors. Is he kidding?

I'm all FOR universal coverage, but I do NOT think it should be mandatory overall (just for catastrophic illness), nor should it include a public option. Let those who cannot afford health ins, who also do not qualify for Medicaid, be given tax credits or outright vouchers to cover the cost of purchasing insurance. The government can cover the addtl cost of insuring those with pre-existing conditions, as the Swiss gov't does. Done, and there you have it.


Axelrod should be fired ASAP. That man hates middle class and poor Americans as much as your typical HMO executive.


>>>I think the only answer at this point may just be pragmatic motion since so many Democrats in moderate districts are now talking about not supporting the reform either

Pragmatic? Most Blue Dogs Democrats NEVER supported health care reform and MOST did not want a public option anyway.

The numbers were on the side of the public plan, at least in the House. There are 52 members of the House Blue Dig Caucus. There are 81 members of the House Progressive Caucus. Most of the House progressives (and Pelosi) say they will NOT vote a plan w/o a public option. Several Dems said any reform w/o a public plan could cost up to 100 votes. Rod even reported this a few times.

Very very interesting that Obama, the White House and people such as yourself think Democrats should once again cave in to support the smaller number of Blue Dogs. Who don't even want health reform to begin with.

Will you also give Obama a pass when he wants to take a more "pragmatic" approach toward gay rights like DADT, ENDA and hate crimes? Most of these same "moderate Democrats" who do not support health care reform do NOT support gay rights. Oh and btw: The House progressives behind the public option have HRC gay rights scores in the 80s, 90s and even 100.

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