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21 September 2009


Nathan James

Bloomberg has a lot of chutzpah (now there's a New York expression for you!) saying anything about gay marriage or any other LGBT issue. He and his campaign didn't publicly "come out" in support of LGBT rights until this past summer, now that it's an election year. When his cops were arresting gay men on false pretenses last winter, where was the mayor? When transgender Carmella Etienne was beaten down last summer, not a peep did we hear from him. When we held protest marches against the "they thought he was gay" murder of Jose Sucuzhanay last winter, Bloomberg was conspicuous by his absence. Now he deigns to say he "doesn't see" gay marriage as a direction New York State should be taking?

Although Bloomberg may be onto something in his commentary about the "conservative black community"--Sen. Malcolm Smith lives right here in my very conservative black St. Albans neighborhood--the rest of his commentary is way off base.

As a Republican, it was his party that did everything it could to split the New York state Senate, with gay marriage being one of the precipitating factors. It was the GOP that earlier this year came out against GENDA in New York State, and it was the GOP that sponsored and still supports DOMA. Now Bloomberg, and by extension, his party, wants us to vote for him as "a friend of the gay community".

OK. Sure. When Mechcad Brooks shares his bed and his body with me. (rolls eyes).


How convenient Bloomie. You and your administration upheld marriage discrimination and only supported in 2005 as you already knew you would maneuver to overturn term limits. This is just slimy on so many levels.

And you're running scared. You've already spent 10s of million$ and most polls have you with a SLIGHT lead over Thompson who JUST started airing TV ads. How pathetic.


SMH @ Bloomberg

I believe that is what is known as "playing the race card", except billionaire white men don't do that, right?

How dare Bloomberg even go there. He never even supported marriage until last year. He fought it in court when he didnt have to. Now, he says Thompson will back away to "galvaznize poc".


Oh and did anyone else notice how far Gay City News' was up Bloomberg's azz? Wow. Talk about lack of objectivity.


I really don't believe Bloomberg would stoop so low to do that. I see this whole thing about Black and Gays have really become the "CRUTCH" these folks are using to win votes!

It's a DAMN shame! It really is...


Actually, Bloomberg is now an Independent.

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