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01 September 2009


Sasha Not So Fierce

Oh what a punk azz.
Whatever man.


D. Askew

This is new. Usually it's the person who is beat up who 'blacks out'. Now in this case it's the attacker who blacks out. Yeah, and he is soooo sorry he ran to his mommy but couldn't call 911 to help his girlfriend. LOSER.


he remembers telling his mom what happend.. but don't remember what happend... LOL Chris you need more people bruh... LOL


((Brown, 20, said he was distraught the night of the event and "broke down" after he told his mother, who herself was a victim of an abusive relationship.))

But yet the cycle continues ....


I bet the judge feels like a fool for accepting the plea agreement. Chris Brown's convenient amnesia is further proof that he should have served some jail time. After all, didn't Chris go out partying after his joke of a sentencing? I guess I would have too if I had successfully bamboozled the justice system. Plaxico Burress gets 2 years for shooting himself in the leg and Michael Vick got 18 months for running a dogfighting ring and killing dogs. I think that punching, choking, and biting a human beating should warrant some jail time. How can you truly be remorseful for what you have done when you claim to not remember doing it at all? Chris Brown is pathetic. But I'm sure the usual defenders will find their way here. So get ready for the onslaught.


He has the WORST Handlers! They should never have let him do this interview. LOL! He could NOT have answered that question any worse. He needs to stay of the TV, out of the clubs and focus on his rehabilitation. His career could be easily salvaged if he would just go away for minute. BYE CHRIS, LOL!!


Isis, I was just thinking the same thing. Who advised Chris to go on TV and give an interview about this? He just comes across as worse, from then little clip I saw.

I pray both of these talented young people get it together but Chris Brown is throwing away his career!


Be careful Carlos if pray or hope that CB gets it together, you will be labeled as a "Defender"!


I think it's actually a good thing he did this interview with Larry King. Larry King is the...um..king of softball questions. His questions practically qualify as porridge. If he can't handle a Larry King interview, imagine him on Oprah with that audience seething and Oprah cornering him.

He sounds very much like the typical batterer. He's saying he's sorry, but at the same time absolving himself of the responsibility. I mean, he can't even remember, folks. Doesn't it break your heart? It's like he's a co-victim. Lord! He must have blacked out those other times he was violent with Rihanna. I await the inevitable defense of this little thug from his chicken- queen admirers.


@ Isis and Carlos

This is not about his handlers. It's about him and him only. But maybe you're right. Perhaps his handlers need to be with him when he's in the presence of a woman. Maybe they can grab his hand or tackle him before he strikes a woman because he loses his mind and forgets everything including his human decency and respect for others. You have to admit that he had that one coming.

Joseph Reaves

I hope God doesn't judge you all as harshly as you're judging Chris Brown smdh. WATCH THE WHOLE INTERVIEW! DON'T JUDGE OFF A SNIPPET! Then let the peanut gallery convene. You shady queens baffle me!

Who are you calling a "shady queen", Miss First Time Commenter? You've seen the "whole interview"? It doesn't air until tomorrow. Did you also see the crime scene photos of Rihanna's face? A "judge" did and guess how she ruled? Brown is now a convicted felon. -RM


Your right Raven, he did this himself. My point was his team should be advising him better. If I was his manager he would NEVER have been seen on a jet ski, at a club or releasing songs dedicated to Rhianna. But then again, maybe they have advised him and he has just ignored it and done whatever. I still hopes he gets a clue one day though. I hate to see another young man lose it ALL, but he aint tryin to keep it! "I forgot what I did"... PLEASE!! LOL!!


@ Joseph Reaves

You have some nerves calling anyone a shady queen. Perhaps that view of gay people is more of a reflection of how you view yourself than it is a reflection of anyone else. But that's an issue you need to attend to.

But judging someone off a snippet. Let's explore your argument. If someone gave an hour long interview but you just saw a two minute snippet in which this person said that he hates all homosexuals and he wishes they would all be killed off. I suppose you wouldn't judge him because you didn't hear the other 58 minutes? Yeah right.

But let's look at the undisputed facts in Chris Brown's case. He punched, choked, and bit Rihanna = violence. The act he committed is considered a felony under California statute. He plead guilty to such felony. Therefore, Chris Brown is a convicted violent felon. Those are facts and not just snippets. And I believe that convicted violent felons should serve time in jail. But according to you, I'm a shady queen who judges people off of snippets.

Xavier Deron

LOLz @ Joseph and the deluded Chris Brown fanboyz

Child, if he bit and choked a very beautiful woman who he supposedly "loves" ... what do you think he would do to some queen who tried to roll up on him? A queen such as yourself? Srsly

What do you think he would do to you boo? Would he whsisper sweet nothings in your ear? Or bite it off? Really boo, what would he do?


I agree with what others have said here and elsewhere on line -- this is Classic batterer behavior: Oh I don't remember, I still love her, etc etc etc

Chris, please get some help

alicia banks

what a sorry bumbling brute!!!

further proof that hehas no iota of remorse

and his weak dizzy punch drunk mom is just as stupid as he is


what a dual disgrace they are...


Honestly I have to blame his handlers for this. He is clearly not rehabilitated and therefore should not be giving any interviews at all. This makes him look even more pathetic than he already is. If I was his manager I would advise him to 1. get the therapy
2. Keep quiet, no public clubbing etc.
3.Work on his music
4.Avoid any reference to that night in his music
5. get on with his life..find a new girlfriend.
6. Maybe in a year or two ( with no other incidents) sit for an interview.

I do not feel sorry him at all ( he deserves the neagtive sentiments for what he did) but I'm disappointed with how he is being managed.

Joseph Reaves

This is somebody's son y'all talkin about


>>>This is somebody's son y'all talkin about<<<

This is somebody's daughter we're talkin about. You know, the one he bit and punched? But doesn't remember?

Joseph, no offense man... but who are you? I have never seen your comments ever. People here can say whatever they want. Who I have no idea why some of you gay men get so protective about this lil boy who tried to be a man by biting and beating a woman but now can't remeber. smdh


@ Joseph Reaves

And Jeffrey Dahmer was someone's son too. They seemed like such nice parents too. So what's your point?


Have you all seen the statement he released about the statement he made on Larry King, stating that it wasn't what he stated, LOL!!! I'm still hoping he gets help, but I have to laugh at how poorly this is being handled! He should get somewhere and SAT DOWN!!! He should stay out of the limelight for the remainder of the year... at least. He just don't know what to do with himself. I'm starting to think Rhianna had the right idea keeping her mouth shut. People (myself included) where demanding she make a statement of some form, but I think she did the right thing.

Joseph Reaves

You all do realize that you're more upset about this than Rihanna is.


>>>You all do realize that you're more upset about this than Rihanna is.

You do realize Rihanna was bitten, punched, had to go the ER, needed medical treatment, had to testify, the huge publicity... uumm, *she* is probably a helluva lot more upset than we are.

But nice try at apologizing for Chris, again. Oh and do you comment on stories on gay rights or discrimination, stuff like that? Or you're just concerned with straight boyz who bite and punch their girlfriends?


So did you all watch the interview? Thoughts?

I thought it was unnecessary, because he didn't really offer anything new and he didn't explain what happened. I thought his Mothers emotion was genuine. I did appreciate him addressing the jet ski incident. I wasn't satisfied with the answer he gave, but I was glad he actually said something. I'm also, glad that it seems like he will Chill Out for awhile and focus on rehabilitating, his community service and his music. He should NOT be seen again at least until next year (if I had my way). BYE CHRIS!!!


Absolutely classic batterer mentality. He doesn't remember anything, that's not who he is as a person or who he wants to be, and the well-articulated quote "I look at it like, wow...I'm in shock". He talks about the crime as if he is the victim, not the perpetrator. Classic batterer distortions. This is a deeply disturbed person.

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