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22 September 2009



The closet is a poisonous thing. What a vicious way to die. This poor young lady. Sadly, this won't open even one eye of those Pentacostals. They'll just see this as further evidence of the evils of homosexuality. They won't see it as an example of how their rigid,anti-intellectual, backwards doctrine can twist and corrode the human soul. Instead, they'll just use this as a justitication to be even more homophobic and hateful.

Aaron Parker

This is a horrible story and yet another example of the evils of living in and the closet and trying to live a double life in homophobic black churches. This so called bishop was crazy, pursuing straight men and taking revenge on their girlfriends when they turned his fugly azz down. smdh

Probably one of the silly old kweens who only lusted after "real men". smdh

Someone should have called this an out LONG AGO. Obviously many people knew but looked the other way because he had a position in the church.

rock swagga

Hmm I thought the closet issue no longer existed now that we have the DL. I guess he didn't get the memo that being on the DL sets you free?

Ten in My Timbz

Rev Al Sharpton on "DL" pastors:

I am tired," he went on, "of seeing ministers who will preach homophobia by day, and then after they're preaching, when the lights are off they go cruising for trade."

Thank you Rev Al! These closeted hypocrites are lying, cheatin, sexin, stalking, wh0rin' and committing murder!

Rod 2.0 Jan 13 2009




The details of this story are exhausting.

So he was in love with his roommate, who was dating a young woman who was married and cheating on her husband, and so the pastor killed her, so that he could have a homosexual relationship?


The closet is indeed a dark and dangerous place, but it seems to never be as easy to hide there as DL brothers suggest. When I was reading E. Lynn Harris' latest book "BASKETBALL JONES," I was thinking that it was so interesting that the main character says that he was fine being in a closeted relationship, all the while complaining about wanting more time with his married lover.

I think that at the end of the day, when you have feelings for someone, your mind literally shifts, changes...and when those feelings are forced to be strained and contained, something snaps!

This is another sad story, but I am really intrigued by the "grown men as roommates" theory. Did the man live with a man who wanted him and he NEVER knew? He knew the dude and moved in with him and there weren't any advances until AFTER they became roommates?! Just not buying that.

I hope that the details come out and the DL men as killer thing doesn't take on the same proportions as they stigma of being responsible for HIV increases. It's just dizzying but dang...MY GOD WE HAVE GOT TO START HAVING REAL CONVERSATIONS ABOUT SEX AND SEXUALITY IN COMMUNTIES OF COLOR.

The closet is killing people in so many ways!


Amazing story: a married, adulterous, woman murdered by the man, who at some point, has preached against hers (and his) very own actions.

Hypocrisy is so rampant in the church......

If she had it to do all over again, I'd be willing to bet that she would have stayed in her marriage. I wonder what the "roommate" is thinking?

So many stones, who dares to pick one up, less yet to throw?


Sad sad sad...

Im sure he was in church trying to overcome his homosexuality by 'following the word of God'... I guess he just skipped afew pages...

what an awful situation


Here we go again. The "black church" is not the enemy people! This blog is hellbent on trying to show the black church is hypocritical! A few bad apples doesnt mean the entire crop is spoiled!

How about some good stories about the black church Rod??????

Chitown Kev

Tyrone, a few bad apples?

Yeah, yeah, I just bet that you don't have a sissy bone in your body, too.


I am sure that there is some good in the Black Church but since the black church has no room for an out and proud gay man I dont think that I will be promoting the hypocritical good in the black church anytimne soon!

Just wondering Why does the Black Church uniformly condemn gay people as bad???


Sorry, Tryone you can't dress eveything up and hope no one sees. The "Black Church" needs to be called out on certain issues.


Tyrone, I have two Biblical words for you and your church:

Whitewashed tombs.


"The Black Church" is usually shorthand used by white MSM to get away with talking about blacks as a monolith, what use would anyone here have for that rhetoric?

Ramble Redhead

This is such a sad story. It reminds me of the movie Hate Crime and after I watched the movie I thought nothing like this can happen and then I read this.


oh those wacky christians. you are right tyrone. the black church isn't the enemy. it's the majority of people running them that are the enemy/soon to be footstools.. GLORY!

Chris Cruz

" Just wondering Why does the Black Church uniformly condemn gay people as bad???"

That's a great point. I'll add to that: Why do so many black and Latino churches condemn gay people but the members are sleeping around with the pastor and each other? But we're supposed to be soooo bad and horrible. but they don't condemn adultery and fornication because most of them are!

J Matt

Hey Tyrone,

Find some good stories on the black church regarding the gay community and I'm sure Rod will post it.


"The Black Church" isn't the problem. White churches are just as bad. Fred Phelps of "God Hates Fags" fame would likely think the average Black preacher wasn't anti-gay enough.

"The Black Church" isn't the problem. Religion -- particularly organized religion -- is the problem.

When you devote your life to celebration of the irrational, how can anything but irrational behavior follow?


@ drsnacks

"Black Church" are just words. Everybody uses words to communicate. You see how it works. It's just that people use words differently. When I use the word "values" and a conservative uses the word "values", we use the word in different ways. I use it in a more uplifting way, while the conservative will use it in a condemnatory way. So what does the white MSM have to do with the way many people here use the words "black church"? Many people here have had experiences with the "black church" and the white MSM views the "black church" from a distance. Therefore, we know what we are talking about when it comes to the "black church" and how it relates to homosexuality. Got it.


there are, like, tons of different black churches

There are, like two or three other posts where you've also played hall monitor around the phrase "black church". Make it be your last. Final warning. -RM

Brian QTD


RevKev, I think we are beyond conversation. It's time to start prophesying. And I'm not talking about that hocus-pocus prophecy that goes on in a lot of churches. I'm talking about speaking the truth, and not caring whether we are accepted or not--just like many prophets in the Bible.

As far as the "few bad apples" comment, I fully disagree. The church is a rotten orchard of hypocrisy, condemnation, fake humility, self-righteousness and hateful, useless theology. In Christian history, sadly, this has been the rule rather than the exception. As I will say until I take my last breath: "A good tree does not bear bad fruit."

End rant.


@ drsnacks

Stop trying to deflect the issue. We all know what is meant by the "black church". And many of us know about those who lead or attend the gay-hating black churches, and yet they go out to practice their gayness. Stop it with the nonsense.


Awwww. Dr. Snacksie, do you play the organ at Mount So and So Missionary Baptist? Are you Church Queen Emeritus of Chicago's South Side?

Typical church queen talking points. Want to parse the phrase "black church" but never want to discuss its impact and what it is doing to black gay men. smdh

Kevin Perez

I disagree with the notion that it's just a few bad apples. Blacks and Latinos are perhaps the most despised, most hated looked down groups of people in the USA. Since the majority of Latin America is Mestizo/Multatto (which equals Brown) Black and Brown are hideous colors, while Yellow is slightly lesser evil and White being the most respected and desired of them all. Add the socioeconimic factors, their place on the social ladder and the perception of both groups by the general population in the USA, you have self-loathing groups looking for a way to feel better about themselves. And what better way to unify a group of people than looking down or hating on another group of people. Look at what happen to the Jews in WWII. Except in our case, LGBT Latinos and Blacks are talked as being some sort of massive conspiracy to destroy are respective communities and attack poor Heterosexual Black/Latina women and their children with our sexual deviance. We, LGBT of color, are "them". We're excluded from our own communities and treated the PRECISE WAY most Blacks and Latinos b*tch about White folks treating them. Their excuse "it's in the bible", "it's a sin", "that's not a acceptable lifestyle" while doing whatever the hell they want and getting away with it and not being called on their own personal BS and and acting self-rightous.

Black and Latino churches are unified in the sense they both view LGBT as beneath the common criminal. Yeah, LGBT couples who love and embrace each other are worse than baby daddies with multiple kids from different baby mamas living the gangsta lifestyle and not even caring for the kids. Thugs and hell, even those who commit rape and murder are quickly forgiven by God because they found "Him" and he forgave them for their sins. Their twisted logic is if God saved them, he can us LGBT as well. Yeah LGBT of color who have never lifted a finger against anyone and mostly have endured a lot of abuse and discrimination from both sides of the color spectrum (White and Non-White) are sinful and are worse than the people I have mentioned in the eyes of the church.

And no, a couple of progressive churches and progressive POC does devoid them of criticism. I like how a lot of Straight POC and church queens send their pathetic tolken LGBT "friends" to defend the notion they're not any more homophobic than the general population and how they're being "demonized" and send the message to Internet blogs like this one to claim a victimhood that both neither Blacks and Latinos, homophobic ones especially, don't deserve. They have the battered wife syndrome and have this elitist way of thinking that we should be thankful for their psuedo-tolerance and that just 'cuz their churches don't gay bash that much, we have no right to criticze.

Sorry but the only way (sometimes) we, as LGBT of color, are going to get equality is by hurting the feelings of straight folks as they've done to hurt us. This includes progressive folks who claim to support us but think we owe them for their acceptance and tolerance. Something that's a common trend with POC.


@Tyrone said:
"How about some good stories about the black church Rod??????"

My question:
How about some "good stories" from the "black church" about black LGBT people, Tyrone?

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