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24 September 2009



They protest at every summit meeting and their messages get lost in the scuffle. The only thing people remember is the damage that's caused. If they want people to take notice of their cause, then they need to have just one message. Instead, they have dozens of different messages that end up going nowhere. People are not drawn to confusion. It defeats the purpose of protesting. When are they going to get a clue?

Nathan James

If you need "permission" or "official sanction" from the government to protest against the government, then the First Amendment is in trouble. Having said that, it looks from the various footage I've seen so far that at least some of the acting-out by protesters, was incited by agents provocateurs. I've demonstrated for LGBT rights, and against our war in Iraq, and I've seen covert agitators (read: undercover cops) try to encourage protesters to get rowdy, in order to justify police actions against them. I'll reserve judgment on the Pittsburgh police's handling of this "unauthorized" protest until the smoke clears. But as of now, I am a bit skeptical of the claim that the G20 protesters got out of line for no apparent reason.

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