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25 September 2009



Thanks for posting this Rod. Any help we can get is appreciated and I'm sure Elias appreciates it.


Well, Rod, thank goodness we have you and don't have to rely on Nancy Grace. She could help many more people if she wouldn't obsess over little white girls gone missing but who later turn out to have been murdered by a family member. She rarely mentions 5 year old Hassani Campbell of Oakland, CA who went missing almost 2 months ago. But I digress.

I pray that Kevin Britt is found safe and sound.


I only recently heard about this. It's terrible since a gay, black man is about almost at the bottom of the list of missing persons anyone care about. I feel terrible. Hyattsville is adjacent to DC.


You know I stop watching Nancy Grace because of her ONE SIDED journalism. I hope they find this man and that he will be fine. I will say that my local news station has very fair and diverse reporting. They can't name them ALL, but they do name many.

Byron in PGC

WOW. Just wow.
I'm in PGC and even I haven't seen or heard about this case! This don't make no sense i had to hear from you.I'm almost speechless because I'm only two towns away in Bladensburg.

I truly hope this man is found safely and unharmed. God bless.

Baltimore Femme

My heart goes out to this beautiful young man, his family and his partner. They must all be going out of their minds and hurting so much.

What is happening in our black community and our black gay community? Their is a war going on and we don't even know about it! I am in Baltimore and maybe 30 or 40 mns from Hyattsville. Nothing been said here in Baltimore, nothing in our black gay community, nothing on TV or the papers ... I am just more angry than shock. Why do I have to keep hearing about this stuff in DC and Maryland on this blog? Where are our black gay leaders and activists in Maryland and DC? They havent said boo about marriage and if it wasn't for the Blade and this bblog, we wouldnt know anything about Tony Hunter.

And of course it is 100 times worse for us the black "Ts" in LGBT. No solidarity was shown in the Nana boo Mack murder. None!

I hope they find this man, too. And as Ravenback said, Miss Nancy Grace has time for nothing besides blond girls and sorority chicks. So sorry but its true.

I'm sorry to rant so long. I am seeing so many black LGBTs missing, hurt or killed ... and we say and do nothing.I'm emailing this to all my friends down in PGC. Someone HAD to see or hear something..And I pray there is a happy ending to this story.


Has anyone ever confronted Nancy Grace about her biased reporting?


Is this the only one or are there other missing gay black men? This could be a serial in the making and I wouldn’t be surprised in this culture we’ve got going on right now.


I hope he is found and return safely to his family...

Byron in PGC

WOW. Just read your Tweets Rod.
That is some foul *ish.

Yeah, so he returned home a week after being missing? After being in church "praying" all week? And the church never told him to call his family or loved ones? There is no phone at the church? LOL/FAIL


happy to hear he is home. although it sounds more like the ouple was having some problems or someone spent the week on their knees doing something besides praying. but glad to hear all is well.


Well, thank God he's OK. It was still justified for his partner to be worried when someone goes missing for 6 days. But Kevin could have spared everyone heartache if he had told someone that he was alive and well. We all can have a time in our lives when we need to get away, but Kevin stretched that a bit too far.

Thank you Rod for seeing this story through.


i'm also relieved to see this young man is safe. but did it ever occur to him to call anyone? or when came back home to do more than post a facebook? this sounds very fishy. his partner was so worried that he contacted the police and everyone for five days. and on the sixth day no comment and he (allegedly) flies to the USVI? was this before or after kevin made it home?

sounds very messy and disrespectful to all the people who posted facebooks and twitters trying to put the word out.


As usual, religion is causing counterproductive behavior.

Honut SInti

Glad to hear that the young man is safe. I am sure his family is just too through with him, though.

I hope, however, this episode does not make people less vigilant when others disappear.

Anthony in Nashville

Disappearing on your partner because you're "experiencing a number of things," having a religious revival, spending a week in a church?

Why do I get the feeling it won't be long before Britt is a featured performer on the ex-gay circuit?

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