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03 September 2009



LOL.. This has been up all day and not one response. Rod, guess you don't have any gamers who follow you.


Looks interesting. Didn't like GTAIV, but may check out this episode. Looks more entertaining that the regular game.


systems but....Anywayz BRAVO Rod for plugging GTA's new episode. The Rockstar company has always been one of the very few company's in the front line that has not been afraid to showcase main characters with people of color (ie. GTA San Andrea's, Warriors) And also including gay themes or gay/bi-sexual characters in there games(ie. Bully ect. Too bad more gay/bi brotha's dont seem to embrace our more imaginative side of the brain that gaming can assist with.


FREELEO: Disjoint demos.

I like the final scene of parasailing down into the city. Like a dream.


lol.. ok jim. i have no idea what that means but, may the force be with you too...lol


FREELEO: "demos" is short for demographics. So, in other words, the demographics of gamers and the demographics of people who read Rod 2.0 don't overlap much.

Which makes sense. If you spend your life playing games, do you even have time to read about pending ENDA and health care legislation, homophobic murders across the globe, and sexy Afro-European track and field stars?


now you're speaking my language jim...lol


Jim - I dont think its a choice between choosing to play & enjoy video games vs. wanting to follow news that is important to our community as well such homophobic murders, health care ect.. for example look at alot of our white counterparts they seem to be able to balance them both.

However our community and blacks as a whole don't seem to encourage alot of technology based involvement or hobbies that requires more use of our imaginations and even news that affects us everyday. Though there is a time & place for it, and some of it I do enjoy...our community seems to rather stay within the safe limited confines of fashion, celebrity gossip & sexed up images of the brotha of the moment.


I'm a gamer and well informed with what's going on locally, nationally, and globally. Yes, I have time to do all of that - while still gaming. While I'm not a frequent commenter, I wanted to show some love for my fellow gamers. Quest is right - you just gotta find the balance in all things.


You see, FREELEO? All you had to do was imply that gamers are poorly informed because of their obsession, and they come flying out of the closet in umbrage. :-)

In all seriousness, though, I envy Quest and Donolectic. I don't seem to have time to do even 5% of what I would like.

The main problem for me seems to be having to work for a living.

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