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24 September 2009



I find it humorous that folks act like Janet parted with Jimmy & Terry for the past few years. They were prominently featured producers in the sounds of "Damita Jo" (2004) & "20 Y.O." (2006), "Discipline" (2008) is the only LP to not feature them since 1984's "Dream Street."

Personally, "Damita Jo" ranks as her best post-"The Velvet Rope" (1997) outing of the four records she's done this decade, despite the SB '04 controversy that tragically sank it.

Great post otherwise Rod, she looks grand as always.-QH

Face and Waist

@ QH: Hmmm, obviously I'm not a big a fan as you are, i know its been a few years since Janet was with J&T, but I didn't read it like Janet hasn't worked with J&T *since* "Control". I think the format of this blog is very newsy, very general and short and sweet', ie "here are the facts" and go to the links for more.

But I'm happy to learn something thought it was "Damita Jo" was the last album they collaborated. So i was wrong. I'm also happy to hear about amFar Milano, that sounds sooo exciting and Janet is so dedicated to HIV AIDS research . And of course the pics are hot!~


@FaceandWaist: Yeah, I get it, it wasnothing against Rod. He rocks, he always shows Janet "luv" & support.

They were prominently featured on "20 Y.O." which celebrated the 20th marker of "Control," you can hear them (production style) in "Do It 2 Me," & "Take Care." But "Damita Jo" is truly the truth, a work of art to moi, lol.-QH

Rod Mc

Glad that people are liking the Janet posts. To be honest, music and the recording industry are my weakest link. I have nowhere near the knowledge of QH and Steve Fleming on many artists, lol. So if any of you see news or items, please feel free to send to me. Thanks! -RM

Lang B

DAMITA JO was a REALLY good album-sad that it got panned but that was around "nipplegate."


Oh wow, thanks for the shout out to me & Steve. Lol, I'm blushing, lol. But yeah, Janet is one of the most consistent acts, I really respect her as an artist. Thanks for always keeping the goods flowing Rod.-QH

S. Flemming

Aw thanks Rod! ;-)


Damita Jo is a good album it's just not a classic like we've come to expect from Janet. And though Jimmy and Terry were featured on 20 Y.O., the clear and present finger prints on that mess belong to JD. "Enjoy" was the only moment of clear J&T involvement and was subsequently the best moment on that album.


Like some here I am also a huge Janet fan and my buddies and other Janet fans call ourselves JANATICS. Check out www.janet-xone.com and you will see what I am talking about. I love all things Janet and she always look so beautiful to me. Jimmy and Terry always make magic with Janet and I look forward to the new project. I love all her albums so I never complain when I get to purchase her music. It just adds to my massive collection. I can't wait to see the pics from the AIDS event that she will be hosting. Such an important event and our baby gurl will represent as always for the LGBT community and I hope a cure is found asap to this massive disease.



Plus it is always a pleasure to see Miss Janet's bodyguard! I think he is fiya for some strange reason!


I am a proud Janatic. And yes, Damita Jo was a phenomenal album. I can listen to it from beginning to end. Discipline was also a really good album and it didn't get nearly any of the credit that it deserved.

Question: why are her pants so long? Is that "en vogue" now?

James M

I love Janet and will always love Janet. I loved every CD she's put out and I cant wait till this next one drops. That new song is FIYAH!


Great pics, glad to see her smiling with her eyes!

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