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16 September 2009



Thank you, Jimmy. The racial undertones are really getting out of hand. Bill Maher, Maureen Dowd and others are commenting about this as well.

It's funny, my white friends picked up on some of the undertones before I did. Go figure.


Thank you!


WOW, Finally someone openly speaks about the giant pink...or in this case red neck elephant in the room. Glad to see there is still a few public figures with a spine left. And why does it take the Rachel Maddows, Bill Mayer, Keith Olbermann, Anderson Cooper, Ed Schultz to first stand up and call this what it really is? Where's the Tavis Smiley's, Sharptons ect. to stand up and be honest about the situation.

Its interesting that nearly everyone in the black community came to a census about how out of line, and stupid Kanye was for disrespect to Taylor chick i never personally heard more about till the VMA's but as a community no outrage for the idiot who steps out of pocket on Obama the President of the USA????? I dont get it, And btw as much as a supporter i am of current President and his administration, its time to take off the kid gloves and stepping around lightly in your own house. Your in office for a reason, and making deals with people that want you to fail at any cost is like talking to a couch...pointless!


And how many questions did Press Secretary Robert Gibbs field on this subject during the press briefing today? 18.

Lang B

Prez Jimmy Carter is telling it like it is. Applause and cheers for his condor and insights


Also, people need to talk about the religious nuttery in this country. Public Policy Polling just released a poll of New Jersey "conservative" voters that says 35% of them believe or aren't sure if President Obama is the anti-Christ. Or 61% of McCain voters in that state question if Obama was born in the US. Sad.

Greg G

"Where's the Tavis Smiley's, Sharptons ect. to stand up and be honest about the situation."

Because unfortunately when a white person says something is racist, people will more likely listen. A black person, especially a Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, not so much.

But Obama and his team will always deny racism bc they are supposed to be beyond that and don't want to appear like those type of black people. They can just get Olbermann and the blogs to do it for them.


Just imagine the fallout if President Obama openly agreed with everything Carter said. You would be looking at nuclear wasteland.


I am so happy somebody called it out, but I hope it is not too late. The real problem with this is that actually talking about it may turn many whites off (remember the Gates affair). Clinton found the way to fight this crap without being explicit, and Obama doesn't have that luxury.

What I hope is that this discussion (which is so needed in this country) does not take us away from the policy reforms that we need to talk about as well.

My fear is that our political inability to walk and chew gum will lead us into a race discussion and put health care and the economy on the back burner (or vice versa).


Ravenback and Kevjack are right.
Obama and his team know exactly what is happening but they can almost never can say it. Even in the Skip Gates incident, President Obama was careful not to say it was racism. Our president has to walk a tightwire. It's a shame.


This issue crosses lines of race, and can and will easily spread like wildfire to those who subscribe to these backwoods beliefs since they feel empowered and only takes one lone woof (Example DC's Holocaust Museum tragedy that recently taken place)

No one is saying the President and his administration should re-focus conversations by focusing it about racism, however people in general appreciate honesty when asked a question then you can move on. Its not they have done a great job of control over the flow of conversations and random allegations fueling fear to the right wing nuts right now anyway, might as well call a spade a spade since they do exist. Thank god the black & whites involved in the civil rights era werent so caught up on walking a tight rope or we will still be in back of the bus.


Quest, exactly those people in the Civil Right era were regular citizens not the elected officials. If you want this discussion then it must come from the bottom (the people) up (elected officials).

If we want this issue nipped in the bud, we must engage in it ourselves and stop expecting the President to do it for us.


Thanks Rod. I also read Ms. Dowd's NYT article and at least half of the over 500 comments. It is exactly true when she says that the undertone of what Wilson was sasying was "You lie, BOY". It has that type of undertone.

It is unfortunate, but true that at this point in time it is easier to have white people fight white people, than to have black leaders fight white politicians, commentators, ect. Black people can and should fight because everyday citizens can call people out and start a movement. If Sharpton, Jackson or some other black leader says something (which they already have - at Sharpton has addressed it on his radio show), it will be said that "they" are always playing the race card and they are always trying to start up mess. Black people know that this is already a mess and we didn't start it.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of the whitehouse when Obama and Michelle discussed it that night. You know neither one of them was having any of it.


Obama cant ... so I am glad Carter did and more white people need to speak up.
I am so tired of racists saying that blacks are playing the race card to diminish what blacks are experiencing.

Did we ever see people out at George Bush rallies carrying placards with KKK or such like on them yet they are continually reference monkyes and bush doctors with Obama.

Even the media are being incredibly doubtful ( asking inflammatory questions and presenting innuendos )towards Obama in a way that they necver were at this stage of any of the other presidents terms. WHY????

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