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18 September 2009


Kevin Perez

That's nice of her. I appericate it a lot.

Way better than many Straight Black women who think LGBT of color as being good to be their sassy sidekicks, picking out their nails, dresses (and weaves), complimenting them, including being their scapegoat when relationships go down drain or when they find their man is on the DL. I like how the girl is sincere. Many Black women sometimes claim they love the gheyz! That is until we complain about inequality and mistreatment then the bible-thumping begins for not knowing our place!

Don't forget the tolken gay friends as well!

Former COGIC

@ Kevin:

You ain't never lied about black straight women liking gay sidekicks and hair stylists but will never fight for our rights (see: Nene Leakes).Thank you Jody, I ,love you and have been a fan for years and will stay a fan. I will buy several copies of your new CD! Thank you Patrik for doing this and thank you Rod!

Lang B

I do remeber JW's Affection song. I think it was the first time I ever heard a song that mentioned gay in the lyrics. She is ahead of her time and her songs are timeless like her beauty.

Off topic a bit, but I find Wendy William's (who I believe is not pro gay) "how you doin" gimmick on her show so gay agressive like it is straight womens duty to make every guy under suspicion for being gay.


I loves me some Jody Watley. Like Former COGIC said, I have been a fan for years and always will be. A true sister of the cause.

alicia banks

i adore her too!

always have

go jw!


Man, La Watley is LUV. I respect her so much as an artist, a woman, and a human being. It is great to see someone supportive of us and it reflects in her art. I already have my copy of "The Makeover" when it dropped Stateside in 2006, but I may cop another copy due to the fierce cover. Great piece Rod.-QH

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