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28 September 2009



As much as I agree vomit for brains, any attention you give this narcissistic pos or neg is attention... ignore him and he will go away!


This made me laugh out loud that Joy called him out. He really is a smarmy idiot, I really liked to give him a piece of my mind personally. Good highlight Rod.-QH


I like Joy Behar.... sometimes.


@ Craig

Unfortunately it's not that simple. He has a platform that speaks to over 3 million people a day. As much as you may want to ignore the squeaky brakes on your car, you can't. Even the major effort by Color of Change to get advertisers to stop supporting Glenn Beck's show hasn't taken him off the air.

I think the problem the left made was ignoring Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, the town hall ruckus, the death panels, birthers, tenthers, and every other wacko nutjob out there. We thought how can any reasonable person believe this crap. Well, we learned at our own peril that there are plenty of nutcases out there. Where was our counter march to the teabaggers and town hall crashers? I sure we could have had over 1 million people descend on Washington. But we didn't. The left has conceded the fight to the right-wing conspiracy theorists.


I agree, Ravenback. Why isn't there a Million Person March for Universal Health Care? And I don't mean a million just in name, but a million people in reality? We need a few Congressmen to be scared.

Since we live in a governmental system of "representatives" who are simply purchased by the highest bidder, why can't we get 10 milion of us to contribute $10 to purchase them? Every $10 we contribute would save us several thousand dollars in the long run.

Men like Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and Savage are neo-Nazis, plain and simple. (I don't give one flying hoot about "Godwin's Law.") Millions of Americans, including a shocking number with wealth and schooling, believe every word these neo-Nazis say, and they have sealed off their brains to any piece of information, no matter how irrefutable, that does not conform to their prejudices, bigotry, and sense of entitlement.

The right wing is fighting to take it all. I mean TAKE IT ALL. I would not be surprised if they succeed some day. Some might argue that they already have, but let me tell you: Things could get a lot worse.


Yes, Jim. Just today there was a poll on Facebook that asked whether or not President Obama should be assassinated. The Secret Service had to get them to remove the poll. Over the weekend, a Republican congressman auctioned off an AK-47 at a rally. He let individuals try out the weapon. A couple of weeks ago, a US Census worker was found hanged to death bound and gagged with the word FED scrawled on his chest. We have ignored too much.


Kurtz is a far right Republican. He slants everything he does in that direction. No wonder he is helping out his fellow traveler Glenn Beck.

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