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28 September 2009



smh. lol

let's look on the bright side: he is getting a lot of work in london

chris c

Now this is too much! I realize that a lot of this stuff is high concept, but I know the brother is having a tough time wearing these getups in the name of "high-fashion." The racoon-like makeup and the silly suits take it all too far. I'm sure getting a big paycheck helps.

D. Eubanks

"How Dreadful!"


Not tastefully done @ all!


This is typical London Fashion week. Im happy for Dominique, the fact that he is being featured in London is the big deal!


The superfly look must be back.


Frankly, while he "usually" looks good.... what he ia wearing looks junk that someone slapped together at the last minute because they forgot they had a fashion show. I understand the need for a "concept" but I never heard of anyone getting their inspiration from a Detriot pimp. I hope they at least paid him well.


Half the time, I feel these fashion freaks are playing a joke or just doing some serious meth.

Crown Jewelz

European runway fashion is made to be over-the-top. It's a show... But it's also made to be deconstructed with the eye. What you see on the runway is usually an exaggerated version of what will be sold in stores.

For womenswear, the couture shows feature one-of-a-kind garments which can be scaled down to be more "wearable". The over-the-top fashion do exactly what they're supposed to do... It gets you talking about the designer. Then you go check out some of their other work, and hopefully buy some of their more toned-down garments.


i'm glad they are using black models this year but much of the fashion I've seen this season has been hideous.

Kirk Stanfield

I know its mainly just a show as
well as a statement, but your true
potential is getting warped by
someone elses ideal savvy of fashion show style and looks.This
seems to say that this is the way
the dark man fashions himself,
making you tacky and defeating the
purpose of your conceptual good
looks.Hang in their though you'll make it and soon you can show them
that can be the best on the stage.


DOMINIQUE.. you are sexy and brilliant! let them have it in Milan!

I am glad you are making waves..
London fashion week is just too artsy for and doesnt showacse your beautifu smile and sexxxy body. ;)


i acually know domonique he's my cousin's ex boyfriend i see him about every weekend and i just hate the fact that he got discovered 2 be a model and that has been my dream job for about 9 years so im a little jealous but happy 4 him cause he can support his fm and take care of his son with noi worries

dominique hollington..harlem

thid id dominique and nigga u dont know me and and im not u cousins ex clown ..lol u funny ...u mad u cant have me ..i love girls ...forever and ever pu%%y

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