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21 September 2009




Finally, something really is BEGINNING to FEEL like JUSTICE!


At least he wasn't allowed to get off with a slap on the wrist. A lot of things can happen within the remaining 4 years or so in jail.


Dwan Prince was sentenced to "life". Prince will NEVER fully recover from the several beatings he received from Steven Pomie. I think Pomie's original sentence was more appropriate for this crime.

Some gay men have commented about Prince's allegedly "ex-gay" stance. I wonder if any of those gay men would "love" Prince in his present condition (partially paralyzed, brain damamged AND HIV-positive). Probably not. So he has to get the emotional/spirtual (and perhaps physical) nourishment MOST people need where ever he can find it. Which is, sadly, what he's probably doing.

Rodney M.

I have a question: would Pomie's sentence have been greater if Prince had never written the letter blaming himself? It seemed to me to be a blow to the prosecution. Also: I am curious what caused Pomie to finally confess his guilt, and seemingly express remorse? (From another post here on Rod 2.0, I also can't help but wonder if Pomie's vicious attack came from some own questions and fears around his own sexuality. In either case, it's just a sad situation all around.)

Bobby R

I wonder has anybody from the LGBT community even reached out to him. After suffering such an ordeal, he could very well feel alone and abandoned. He was already HIV+ and now this. He has a lot of emotional and physical trauma. This church is providing support to him in his time of need. Therefore, he feels a sense of obligation and trust in them. They have become his family. He feels apart of their community and valued. If we do not reach out to him, these churches will. At this point, he is looking for any form of acceptance and peace in his life of trauma.

Ten in My Timbz

@ Joseph:

We're trying to discuss a man who gay bashed and almost killed. You're still trolling. Not cool man.

Rod Mc

@ Joseph:

Using the tragic story of a victim of vicious homophobic violence to launch another petty tirade against this blog. If you you don't like this blog so much, then don't read it. But your comments will continue to be banned or deleted. Forever. -RM

Chris Cruz

@ Bobby:

I wouldn't be so quick to try to blame the gay community or LGBT organizations. Obviously he was gay before the gay incident and gay afterwards. A number of organizations were active in this case, like the NYC Anti Violence Project and I am sure he was getting help with his HIV thru one of the gay or HIV/AIDS groups.

As Rod pointed out, he went though a traumatic experience and is also brain damaged. Churches often prey on people like this to try to say they "saved them." And sorry but imho a gay HIV positive man who believes he can 'wash' his sperm is not playing with a full deck, god bless him.

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