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28 September 2009


Face and Waist

That givenchy ad is just SICK!. Oh and I have always wanted to know who that boy was. Thanks , now I can attach a name to my envy lol


The first pic is a little scary. I'm prescribing a sandwich...with cheese and full fat mayonaise. I like meat on a man. Yeah, I'm a muscle queen. LOL

Derrick from Philly

You're so right, FACE and WAIST! If I had that boy's waistline, I'd be married today. Married to Dwayne"theRock"Johnson, Shemar Moore, Blair Underwood & Herman Edwards. That's right, a bigamy queen is what I'd be...with a gorgeous waist.

Chris Cruz


I agree, and happen to like bigger men and most men on this blog are thankfully more muscled. (rod is criticized on that too lol) But from a fashion pov, Pablo is extremely promising, his facial structure and cheekbones are striking.

And speaking as a gay Cuban man in Brooklyn, how freakin fierec is it that a teenaged Cuban boy is the face of Givenchy?

You go papi! Viva Cuba!

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