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01 September 2009



I read about this a few days ago! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!! Research has shown that most pedophiles are not Gay, they are mentally ill. This man thinks he is doing Gods work, but the joke will be on him come judgment day and he will be going to Hell! I seriously need a shower after reading about him and watching the clip.... eck!


He's four kinds of crazy, but I kinda admirer his honesty and willingness to *truly* take the Bible literally. I mean, many of the religous leaders who so-call love us, but "hate the sin" probably feel exactly the same way and would have their congregations tie nooses if the government decided to start executing gays. Enemies like this in the public square can only help us by pushing the fence sitters over to our side.


Well, I'm reminded of an old saying, "All those who think they're going to heaven ain't going." I think he and those like him need to think long and hard about that. The Secret Service and every anti-hate group should be keeping an eye on him and his followers.


God is truly shaking his head at this. This is so shameful. I was honestly speechless for a moment because it is pretty rare to hear such hateful junk openly promoted like this.

Also, it goes against God because it purposefully pushes people away from Him. When he dies and busts hell wide open he will find that he is sorely mistaken!!


Too bad that pastor is really good-looking :/


I think its funny how this loser who calls himself a christian has the nerve to say anything! I would have thought he would learn to shut up by now since the police in his area beat and tasered him- maybe he should get another beatdown and tase to teach him again.

Its on you tube as well!



@ drsnacks

O.J. Simpson was good-looking too. What's your point?

Xavier Deron

@ Dr Snacks:

No wonder you got so bent out of shape when the South Carolina Lt. Governor's tea was spilled. You like to "snack" on closeted homophobic politicians and pastors. REALLY!

Do you're feel like you're "tasting" power boo? Oh yes and wwhat would this type of crazy be ... a full snack or just a morsel? Which one boo? RealLY?

Silly rabbit. That pastor would shoot you before he would give you some. He really would! REALLY!


That was a joke about the typo "just like the many black gay men who are active in black gay churches". I wasn't bent out of shape.


@ drsnacks

Let me explain something to you. When you post a comment on the internet, the reader can only react to what you type. We can't look at body language or voice inflections or see the wink of an eye. So if you meant something as a joke, then you need to say it was meant as a joke at the time you typed the comment. Or be clever enough to write a sarcastic comment that is obviously not meant to be taken seriously. Otherwise, this is a gay blog where people have strong opinions. And if you make light of an issue that affects LGBT folks, then you are going to hear it from us.


Its obvious that he like that gun toting black guy are not playing with a full deck and are as scary and dangerous as all out and this man of hate speaks like a total loony tune, but, is getting all this attention to stoke his twisted ego. This country is going to so far off the deep end that I fear its going to end up in a major civil war with all the hate speech flowing so freely unless those of good will call them all out. As the old ladies in the church say these are dangerous times in which we live.


I guess all it takes to call yourself a pastor is to find a pulpit and have enough scared, broken, angry, uninformed, people to pay the mortgage and hang onto your every vile word.


Another product of organized religion!


just sad and depressing...was he molested as a child?


These Conservatives sound like they are fixin to round us all up for the concentration camps and gas chambers...

The gun toting black man belongs to the that segment of the fast growing American Militia movement which claims to be anti-racist, but is militantly Pro-Gun, Pro-Constitution, anti-Socialist, anti-Communist, anti-immigrant and in general xenophobic. These were the guys and gals who rushed to stock up on weapons after Obama's election, irrationally fearing that Obama would take their guns away. Some militia groups defend "racial integrity" and others don't. This machine gun toting black man threatening Obama's life belonged to the part of the Militia movement that claims not to reject black folk.

Militia folk believe in the inevitability of a future Revolution or Cataclysm in America, involving massive Civil disorder and unrest, as well as the disruption of access to basic human needs like food, gas, electricity, etc. They are also Survivalists. They therefore defend the alleged "right to bear arms", expecting one day to use these weapons against a tyrannical government or against other Americans desperate for supplies. Somehow, these misguided and foolish militia folk ignore the overwhelming power of the government's military, against which some paltry machine guns and grenades would present no threat whatsoever. They are a menace to civility and intelligence.


Oh, and I forgot, most if not all Militia folk are Christian chauvinists as well

DW Jazzlover


For those who take it as the word literally.
These people are really sick.

Nathan James

Let me know when Pastor Anderson is back on his meds. For sure he's been missing his daily Thorazine...SMH!

James M

Can't wait till his skeletons come out of the closet soon....


Disturbed fanatics like this "pastor" exist in all shapes and sizes. Although acceptance of gay rights has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, the latent danger that ignorant, self-righteous lunatics pose is still there. Unfortunately, many Bible-thumpers interpret religious theory through the prism of their own pathologies. This man is no exception. Listen to his words...they have nothing whatsoever to do with God, love or human decency. A loon is a loon.


I could careless about heaven, hell, and who is a true christian or not...Who cares.

Uhm, if this was some militant black panther saying all whites deserved to die he would not even be given a voice. However, this fool (and fred Phelps)get platforms and encouragement...

Sick, sick, and sick.

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