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24 September 2009


W. Lotus

I wonder why some believe going to the polls in 2010 would be "rushed and risky". I think waiting sends the wrong message, while going ahead with a ballot initiative in 2010 sends the message that equality and fairness should never be put on the back burner.

Rod Mc

@Lotus: I've written about this several times. Did you read the link in the last graph? The issues are money, manpower and votes. We're going to have to raise $40+ million, recruit thousands of volunteers and find about 300,000 EXTRA votes in about a year. Does that sound possible? I am not sure it is.

In addition, there is the issue of black and Latino voters. There was no outreach done to them during Prop 8 and blacks were (wrongly) blamed for Prop 8. Black and Latino gay activists say they don't have enough time to do it by 2010.

You raise some really good points about waiting and equality. I agree with them. I'd love to go forward next year. I have seen several plans to get on the ballot. I haven't seen a plan to win, tho. Unfortunately the marriage question has lost twice at the ballot in California. The only thing worst would be losing a third time. And it says a lot when California's largest LGBT group is against 2010. -RM


The language of the proposal is a bit too superfluous with respect to protecting religious freedom. I guess that is to eliminate the anti-religious angle -- it's almost like in order for us to get equal rights, we have to pretend that these are "special rights" that does not apply to anyone who choose not to respect it.

People know what the ramifications are -- they just choose to turn a blind eye to the plight of people they don't care about.

Chitown Kev


Good points there. The one wild card in all of this would be Maine though.

My other main concern about 2010 is that, yes, we could flip 300,000 or so votes (heck, we could even flip those who didn't vote yes or no on Prop 8) but still that same vote could flip back in 2012, again in 2014 and yet again in 2016.

Personally, I want to see the bigots become so deflated and destroyed at the polls that they will never try the s*it again. And I don't think THAT could happen in 2010.

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