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29 September 2009



Rod, By now I have read this eveywhere. But this is now becoming so scary!

What are we to do????


Its ridiculous when people like Beck etc are allowed to encourage these nut case.


When I first heard about this my thoughts were exactly like yours Rod, "So this has nothing to do with race?" How many other presidents had polls that asked about their execution? They are trying to cloak this hatemonging in the disguse of being about healthcare debates, however.....get real!!!

Jamar Herrod

SMH. Making a poll on Facebook is a new low! I just heard about the man who was found dead in the cemetery on the radio. How bizzare was that?


I see chaos and destruction ahead.... Too many bad things are happening all at the same time. Gay folks are getting beat up while cops look the other way. In some cases cops are the aggressors. Then there is the ridiculous birther movement. People buying more and more guns and bringing them to Presidential events. Perhaps it's my bias, but it feels to me, like there is a "whitening" of the network TV shows. The roaring health care debate, while the cost of it is slowly killing us. Who can forget, the economy in the toilet, global climate change. It feels like there is an endless parade of sh*t coming down the pipes...


They can kill that man if they want to, & when they do, America will see the biggest race riot roar across this country that has never been seen before.-QH


This is part of a broader Republican campaign to incite the assassination of our president. If anything happens to Obama, the Republicans must be held accountable for it.


Libhomo...I am a republican, and I'm disgusted by this assasination poll as well. Allthough I didn't vote for Obama, he is now my country's leader...therefore I wish him success, and I hope he does a good job with all of the issues he plans to resolve. To say that republicans would be at fault if anything happened to our president is the same type of blanket statement that a racist would use in reference to a minority group.


@ Karen

Well maybe if the Republican leadership and politicians would speak out against the vitriol coming from other Repubs, then they might be spared the blame. However, Republican congressman Trent Franks just said that President Obama is an enemy of humanity. Other Republican congressmen have openly questioned Mr. Obama's citizenship and patriotism. So Libhomo is correct to lay this at the doorstep of the GOP. There is plenty of evidence to back it up.

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