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22 September 2009



Love it!!


He done growed up!


i was going to skip the gym today. thanks for the push..


Andrew goes to my school =]

Lang B

Wow - talk about black Ken dolls.
Exciting to see brothas commanding the ramps.


these models are getting way to skinny, damn they need to eat !!!!


Shawn, the 1st guy, is almost TOO PRETTY! He is a living Ken Doll indeed and since he is modeling, that seems perfect!

I, too, am REALLY proud to see these brothers commanding the catwalk! Going to see a brother friend of mine do his thing on Friday for Nico+Adrian! This is really cool!

Thanks Rod...I just got back in from the gym because of these photos, but after THICK & SOLID, not LEAN & LOVELY...but whatever moves YOU!

Carter G

@Gaylon: Shawn Sutton SKINNY? REALLY?

He's 6'4 and 190lbs. He's extremely muscular and very ripped. Dominique has a slighter build, but none of these men are SKINNY. Well, maybe Salieu Jalloh, lol.

I think you are confusing "lean" and "skinny". But fyi this is how male models look. Not sure where you've been ...


Right@ Carter G. I don't know why some Black men can't appreciate the entire spectrum of the Black male physique. Some of us are just inherently skinny regardless of what we eat or do. I think Dominique looks unbelievable, as well as Salieu. I rather be lithe and lean like these dudes rather than heavy, thick, or whatever the term is people use to define their BMI.


skinny is not in for me. i like em nice and muscular. buffed up!!!


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Kirk Stanfield

Thats more like it,you look like a
straight man now.You have a build
that you should be proud of,just
watch out for those gays out there
,they're watchin' every move you
make and every step you take.Keep
on rolling..my Strong dark BROTHER!

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