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21 September 2009



If Mr. Chuene wanted to protect Semenya's privacy, he shouldn't have allowed her to run in an INTERNATIONALLY TELEVISED SPORTING EVENT!! He is a LIAR, but the Rabbit hole goes much deeper. The Ministry is apart of this too and they are trying to throw Chuene under the bus. There is likely a LONG list of people involved and RESPONSIBLE! They ALL need to be brought to the light and punished for using this young girl to get a medal. Once more, my prayers continue for Semenya.....


This story just gets sadder by the minute. Semenya seems to have been surrounded by sharks!

CC d'Afrique du Sud

and that my dear people is what we (SAs) have to get up to every morning. i know corruption, lies, deceit, greed, etc cross many country borders but when it becomes THE STANDARD like here you actually anticipate 'WHAT NEXT'...

be strong Caster although i get the feeling that she knows a little more than she's leading on... i won't be surprised at all, nah ah! it is the country alive with possibilities. still love it here tho ;)

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