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13 September 2009



The signs and behavior of that crowd was quite distasteful and disgusting. They held up signs saying President Obama is a Muslim Marxist. They even took pictures of an Obama sign underneath a pile of horse manure. But despite all of this, the march was a complete flop. They had planned this march for six months. And they only got 60,000 people at the most generous estimate. This was supposed to be White Power's Million Man March. It just ended up being a 60000 Man Fart.

Dallas Cowboy

this so called march was an outrage. a disgusting group of racists, nativists and other malcontents. and as ravenback says, a complete failure, they had to lie and claim there were millions there, lol


The only things missing were white sheets, white hoods, and burning crosses.


@ Seven

Amen to that. But I must say, at least the KKK were honest and straightforward about how they felt. That's more than be said about these deathers, birthers, tenthers, minutemen...well you get the picture.


I am watching Obama right now on 60 minutes and he is the definition of class as usual. We have to give this man so much credit. He has to deal with all of this evil hatred from Bubba's and Jim Bob's, yet he always takes the high road. The white man is running scared. They see that they have lost the majority in this country, but what is interesting, while they are trying to hold the Black man (woman) down, the Hispanics and Asians are the ones taking the real control. I LOVE IT....GO PAPI's and HSU'S.




Did you wear a hood in your trailer park Vincent?

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