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22 September 2009



This is the type of crap that pisses me off. Someone has to know who committed the murder of Nana Mack. They need to turn that SOB in. But they might me suffering from the sickness called snitch-itis. Snitch-itis has become too prevalent among many in the black community. I know I probably made some people mad, but I don't care. Wrong is wrong. People know what's going on but they refuse to get involved. You are an enemy of the community if you don't turn evil people in. As I have always believed, a brother who kills a brother is no brother of mine. I just don't understand why this murderer is allowed to roam free. I guess an LGBT life isn't worth much these days. I beg to differ.

Kevin Perez

The lives of trans people, in general, aren't worth much. Especially within in Black/Latino communities. As said before, they truly get the short end of the stick. And sadly, no one cares.


@ Kevin Perez

It's sad that we are the only two commenting on this story.

Baltimore Femme

ravenback, kevin and of course rod...thank you so much!

i wrote a few weeks ago that i had met nana boo twice about a year ago. but i knew a friend of hers and reconnected with her at the vigil. i also reconnected with the T sistah who was interviewed on the news.

i can't even express my anger, sadness and hurt after hearing about this crime. not that i felt devastated by nana boo's lost, just numbed by the cycle of violence. when will it end? ever? i have lost so many T sistahs to violence, who been killed. or just attacked, like a T girl last week in Suitland. black trans sistahs and effemeninante men are treated like the lowest of the low. in the black community and in the LGBT community! someone felt perfectly righteous to stab these girls in BROAD DAYLIGHT. and silence??

unfortunately there is so little activism in our black LGBT community that trans issues are relegated to the back burner. there is very little support but there are some voices online.

i feel we have a very long way to go, our black community and our black LGBT community. peace and blessings that some of you "get" it.


@ Baltimore Femme

I recall reading your testimony about you meeting Nana Boo Mack and knowing a friend of hers. You provided an insight that was sorely lacking in the news stories about her murder. I greatly appreciated what you had said.

I remember befriending a young man almost 20 years ago. He was a very effeminate man who often dressed in drag. He was absolutely beautiful as a man and woman. He often told me how poorly he was treated by other gay men. If you could see the look on his face when describing such treatment, it would break your heart. I would often suggest that he should seek counseling because I was worried that he might one day hurt himself due to his depressive state. Sadly, he committed suicide as a result of his treatment. He was the first person I had known that committed suicide.

People don't realize how they treat someone can beat down that person's view of themselves. So your comment about how trans sisters and effeminate men are treated in the black and LGBT communities is so true. Thank you for your words and I share your anger, sadness, and hurt. Nana Boo Mack seeks justice. I don't believe her soul will rest until justice is served.

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