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24 September 2009


Greg G

I was about to go to bed and thought I would check the blog and see what was up, and man am I glad I did...

WOW. This is just crazy. But you know who was behind this...the parents put him into that church and the parents put him on TV. I was around that age when my family forced me to attend service all day Sunday and several times per week. I prayed and spoke in tongues and prayed and ... well it worked for a few hours. But I stayed in the Assemblies of God Churches until i was 28 years old. I just couldnt lead the lie anymore.

I pray for this young man. He is about too experience a whole life of hurt.

truly, q

hold my mule

W. Lotus

I'm not surprised he said that. He's a minor who is dependent on his parents. He'd catch hell, if he did not go along with their program.

I hope that when he is an adult, he finds his way back to an open and affirming environment.


Hell Naw he didnt say that the homosexual demon is an unclean spirit that shakes and moves in unnatural ways.

My homosexual demon is very clean and proper and extremely elegant and naturally graceful. Sometimes 'she' does act up though.

Poor kid... Hopefully Tyre has him back on the show in 3 years


@ nathans

You are very funny :) ... Thanks for the light-hearted addition :)


I don't like this at all. Why homosxuality is evil and everything else is not? I'm sick and tired of the hypocrosity in our community and I'm sick and tired of the black church of not accepting homosexuals. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired about people hating homosexuals.



My soul is aching with this story, but I am not surprised.

This is a 16 year old young man, trying to find his way and more than anything, trying to be loved (and accepted) by his family. I am sure his journey to be loved and affirmed by the church he found was visited by threats in his own household and a likely threat to be thrown out. He is only 16 and is in CT. I know that NYC is close, but its a lifetime away when you are 16 and don't know what to do.

He was coached and literally propped up, so that the "prophetess" didn't seem like an evil woman and that cries for some kind of charges were leveled at her. (Remember the guy Rod 2.0 updated us about earlier this week, who was beated and later asked for mercy for his perpetrator, claiming is was his fault that he was beated).

I am so sad because this young man says "I don't want to live a homosexual lifestyle" and many gay men, especially in cultures of color, have that fear, knowing that only conflict awaits. I am so aching for a real community among us that lifts and loves, protects and pledges to our young people and people walking newly into their orientation. We are always pushing for people to "come out" and I continue to ask "come out for what?!" It's my daily duty to hold up someone who is unsure so that they can stand in their own skin.

My favorite quote is "I WOULD RATHER BE HATED FOR WHO I AM THAN LOVED FOR WHO I AM NOT." But I know that most people aren't me and don't have my loving Southern mother who had 3 gay sons. Most people aren't me, tall in stature and unafraid of any human being. Most people aren't me and most people struggle with living in this world, this community, knowing that loss of family and other things await. I am so looking towards the day when we can come together and at least agree to disagree on many things but ultimately build a place, a real space where a young man like "Jeffrey" can know that he is safe.

I am so trying to get into the heart and mind of "ex-gay" ministries (WHICH ARE SO ON THE RISE IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY THAT ITS NOT FUNNY AT ALL) and when you are beaten (in this case literally) and left unsure, you feel as though you must confirm or be lost.

Rod, again, I will really applaud you for this site, because I know that I know that some young men and women around the country and around the world are alive and more comfortable in their skin because they can come here and not only see nice photos of sexy models and track&field stars. They can come here and read about activism around the world, be updated on topics that matter to the community and the world and find some sense of who they will become in the world, or could become, if they are allowed to grow and be free and alive in their own skin.

I believe that "Jeffrey" is putting up EXACTLY the same front that MANY OF US put up at 16 years old to be accepted and loved in our own families. Sadly, he has been pushed onto TV and told to say THIS AND THAT and he did. I know that there is a little boy in there who just wants somebody, anybody to love him. I am praying that some adult will mentor him and show him that love doesn't whip you or push you to conform. I pray that when he turns 18 and decides he wants to run (or walk) away from this lie, he will find a father-like figure who will support him, direct him and not try to seduce him (I had the best, but saddest conversation just Tuesday at a dinner with Governor Corzine and activists in the state of NJ, with a young man who went to have drinks with a man twice his age, thinking he would be a great mentor, only to discover that the man thought they were on a date).

"Jeffrey" (and all of the Jeffreys who are trying to find your way), keep reading and researching, googling and keep going. There is more to you than living a lie and trying to make people who don't like you, love you. Keep going because, believe it or not, there is more to be Black and Gay in America than the limited views of "lifestyle living." We are writers and artists; preachers and teachers; husbands and long-term partners...we are a community of beautiful brothers and others who are learning and living and loving around and writing our real stories and trying to create Heaven on Earth in a world trying to send us to Hell (sometimes). But know "Jeffrey" and Raheem and Paul and Tyson and Shawty and Phatbooty-boy and every other young and no longer young, but still young in Spirit boy/man/person trying to find your way--YOU ARE WORTH THE JOURNEY! Don't give up. Don't conform because the Bible says "DO NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS!" God knows you and made you and loved you before you formed in your mother's womb. They are trying to stop you from being free, but remember: WHO THE SON SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED and he already set you free! He died and they lied! YOU ARE FREE! Every new day is a new mercy and a new sign that God loves you! Don't drink the kool-aid and buy into the lie that somehow God would create a person who knows that they are different at 5-years old, only to condemn you. God is not some man that God would rank and separate, create a lesser person who is destined to Hell and a miserable existence. Consider this, Jeffrey and You, they are not trying to stop you because who you are is wrong. Consider that they are trying to "stop" you because they see something powerful and mighty in you and are afraid that if YOU get loosed on the earth, and in spite of growing up in the projects, in spite of having asthma that almost kills you, in spite of a single parent household, in spite of being different and people trying to fight you because you are smart, in spite of the fact that they will say things about you...CONSIDER THAT SOMETHING POWERFUL AWAITS YOU!

Ask me how I know. That story is mine and I am grateful to have had a faith that allowed me to hold up and hold out, in spite of my upbringing and surroundings, to arrive at this place in my life.

Thank you Lord, for this reminder today, that a young man out there needs to hear our stories and know that there's a brightside somewhere.

Rod, thank you for your work because for many...THIS is the brightside and the reflection of a community that is larger than life but bigger than a stereotype.

WE ARE PEOPLE WHO LIVE LIFE WITH STYLE and that kind of audacity is always threatening and forced to be silent!

But again, I am free and I know that I am wonderfully made.

I have to keep passing that message on because for someone, hearing it for the first time or even the 50th, that message is a lifesaver!

Jeffrey, hold on...we will be here when you decide you can no longer lie to God or yourself and when you realize that that little may have made people uncomfortable in his early expressions, but you were sent to stir things up and make people uncomfortable.

Jesus did too. Indeed, what would Jesus do. He would live life and that more abundantly.

I pray for whomever needed to hear this today! YOU ARE AMAZING AND GOD KNOWS YOU AND LOVES YOU. Forget about the church and people and humans being, people trying and remember that Love and Grace and God are bigger than the church and people can imagine! I promise you...THERE IS A BRIGHTSIDE SOMEWHERE!

With Love!


Bravo Rev Kev!! I will NEVER use the term lifestyle when referring to the LGBT community again. Thank You for that!

I was so disturbed when I saw this program and I reached out to Rod, because none of my co-workers were interested in discussing it. The thing that stuck with me, is that the Pastor said the thoughts he was having would send him to Hell as well. From what I understand those thoughts will NEVER go away. Humans are NOT computers where you replace data chips and change things around (although some like to try). So what is the point? There will be young men who will see this and say "What's the point if I'm going to Hell anyway". They will either commit suicide or become EXTREMELY promiscuous, because they feel they have nothing to lose. Its such a DANGEROUS message! I'm starting to think this is some HUGE conspiracy... Maybe they want these young men to kill themselves and contract aids, so that the earth will be rid of these "sinners". I'm so disgusted and troubled by what is going on and just when I think I have seen it ALL, I get knocked over again! These are Perilous times and I just don't know anymore.....

I hope there are more men like Rev Kev to help these young boys (and the girls too).

Derrick from Philly

Jesus must be absolutely sick of fundamentalist Christians.

"I did not create these lunatics," sayeth the Lord.


this is sickening.....i'm so proud that Tyra put this on the show. the conversation is necessary AND dialogue must continue....mediator somebody! LOL (sin brings out anger overseer? that was very clear in his responses...hmmm)


What y'all said! Especially RevKev, I always hate that term "lifestyle" too. And how much did we love Kimora? I wish I had a Kimora when I was a teenager. Things would have been different........


Thank You RevKev....We ALL needed that. And that is enough right there...

Former COGIC

We are having church up n here, up n here! Thank you Rev Kev! Can I get another witness? I love your spark, your inspiration and your fire!

I wish you had been my pastor growing up or you had been allowed to reach out to this young man! That was me 20 years ago. I have shared the details before and don't want to take over "his" story but this young man will have a heartache of pain! I fear for his soul.

Thank you Rod for all you do!
Thank you Rev Kev for your brilliance.! i wish I could clone you sir, and take you to these hateful churches!

Geoff Rivers

@ Isis: "Humans are NOT computers where you replace data chips and change things around (although some like to try). So what is the point? There will be young men who will see this and say "What's the point if I'm going to Hell anyway".

You cannot banish thoughts like a CTRL + ALT + DEL. It is impossible to reprogram orientation, You can act your behavior but the thoughts will still be there.

Nathan James

There comes first the washing of the mind, the implantation in the fragile young psyche of the conviction that he is "unclean", "disgusting", and "possessed". Then there is the inculcation that only by allowing the "prophetesses" and "anointers" of the Church to physically shake the "homosexuality demons" from your body, can you be made "acceptable in the sight of the Lord". There is plenty of documentation out there that psychological abuse like this (and let's call it by its proper name, brainwashing), if done forcefully enough, will make the victim believe whatever his abusers want him to believe. After the "re-education" process is completed, the church wheels Jeffrey out almost on cue, to proclaim to the world that he is "cured" of the "disease" of homosexuality.

This is how religion-based hatred accomplishes its hideous goals: by making their most vulnerable members into their most visible spokespeople. This particular church cares little, if at all, for the greivous damage they have wrought upon Jeffrey's mind and body. In the future, when Jeffrey feels the stirrings of attraction for other men within himself, and realizes that he hasn't been "cured" of his "disease" at all, what will he do then?

He has been browbeaten, forced, and brainwashed into believing that he must hate this aspect of himself, that he is angering God by even entertaining thoughts of being intimate with other men. How many ways can I think of, in which this whole perverse episode is in direct contradiction of the concept that God is Love?

The person this young man needs to meet most right now is Reverend Kevin E. Taylor. I pray God will make a way for them to get together.


Can they "exorcise" hypocrites, adulterers, thieves, and charlatans? If they can, why did they not do themselves first?

This kid is obviuosly brainwashed and will be

Its a form of hypnotic suggestion, at best, but not guaranteed. I hope he does not commit suicide when he finds out that it did not work for him....

My dad would say he may have raised gays, but none of them are punks. It has been said that it is rare that a man is taken for who he truly is, I say that its rare for man to show who he truly is.


AMEN REVKEV!!!!!!!!!!! I just to take your healing, inspirational 'sermon' & frame it! WHEW!! THANK YOU! VERY INSPIRATIONAL!!

J Matt

16 years old and wearing a fake beard. What more can I say?

That beard looks like bear hair.


This is my first visit to this site, which I found through a link on another site. Firstly, thank you, Rod 2.0, for posting this heart wrenching clip. I read about the story when it hit the news, watched an interview with the pastor of that church, but it is this conversation, so well navigated by Tyra, that is most profound--that speaks to the heart.

Rev Kev, who could possibly say it better? Certainly, not I. I just wanted to thank you for saying it.

My own personal prayer is for our community to come together. We are so very diverse that it may seem to be an impossible task, but it isn't. We all share in one way or another a culture of shame and oppression, heaved upon us by those who, for one reason or another, have a need and a drive to hold another down. But that is not all we share. We are a resilient minority, a minority within our own families, but a minority of people who survive through the most remarkable human qualities: through the ability to laugh at ourselves; through our unique gifts as artists, writers, actors, musicians, instructors; through our compassion for those in need and our championing of other survivors.

If we can coalesce as a community, the love that we have to embrace one another can truly heal young men like this boy, and it will be that love that will cast out the real evil.

Again, thank you Rod 2.0 and Rev. Kev, as well as all the commentators on this thread. I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to visit this website today, and found each one of you to be inspiring. What hope you have instilled in me today!

Chitown Kev


After reading this story and all of the comments that's the best I can do.

I have nothing to add, other than to say thank you, again, to Brother Kev for that sermon. One of these days I would love to attend your church.

anthony smith


Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

My heart breaks for this boy. What kind of unethical ministers would bring him on TV? He is a minor?

Ann McDaniel

In Native American soceties, past and present, a homosexual male or lesbian female is known as "Two -Spirits". They are not demonized or made to try to change who or what they are because of being gay or lesbian. They are respected, loved and accepted by the tribe and in the past were known as 'Holy People" because they lived in both the male and female world, and had attributes of both sexes. Hence, the term "Two Spirits". People would bring their babies to them to be named by them,and their children to be blessed by them. Some of them were prophets, and powerful political leaders of their communities. Some women were warriors, hunters and breadwinners(the male spirit) and some men were the homemakers, cooks, gardeners, and looked after the children(the female spirit.)


Frankly, I don't know what to say anymore about this type of thing. I have heard enough of it and I'm beginning to tune out. "Jeffrey" is a lost child that has to find his own way. He is only 16 years old and doesn't know how to stand on his own. He has a lot of life ahead and he will face many battles along the way.

I compare this ex-gay crap to a drug addiction. Just like a drug addict craves his drug of choice, Jeffrey craves anything that promises to calm the confusion and sadness that resides inside him. Just as the junkie has to hit rock bottom in order to finally arrive in a position to overcome his addiction, Jeffrey must come to a realization that ex-gay beliefs will not solve his problems and he must find another way. He will either choose to finally embrace his homosexuality or he will commit suicide. I hope that he accepts the true meaning of gay and that is to be happy.

I'm glad Tyra called him out on why he still has an attraction towards men if the homosexual demon was cast out. She bluntly said she didn't believe him when e sheepishly said that he is attracted to women. This is actually the first time I have watched Tyra's show, and I have to say she did a pretty decent job. The best thing she did was to allow "the prophet" to hang herself with her own words. I think it was great how she got the "false prophet" to admit that no matter if someone acts on their homosexuality or not, she still believes they will go to hell. I hope Jeffrey sees that part and takes it as a sign that he must find a new path in life.

Kimora of True Colors broke it down. I definitely loved her fight on the show. She speaks the truth because she has to confront the damage that is brought upon kids after dealing with "false prophets" and the like. I wished that more gay teens could run into the Kimoras of the world.

God is about unconditional love. Too bad so many churches out there put pre-conditions on God's love. And the Bible warns us about false prophets.

Shane Moseley

Hey Anthony:

If you're so saved and hate gays so much, why do you come to this blog?

Are you 'doing research'? Or checking out the shirtless men?

Jesus said to beware of false prophets. He also meant "prophetesses".

Shameful so called Christians brainwashing this child. smh

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