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17 September 2009


Automatic Prince

It's funny how some people's minds only seem to change when money is involved..


“Gays and lesbians, we don’t have to accept the act, but we have to accept them as people. Especially children, we don’t want them to kill themselves."

So nice of you, Tim, that you don’t want gay children to kill themselves. Perhaps they can grow up so that they can learn how to cope with your arrogance.

“...we don’t have to accept the act..."

I am always amazed at these people’s arrogance. Does Tim ask me for permission before he has sex with his wife?

“Tim, you know that thing you did with your wife, Yolanda, last Thursday night? Totally unacceptable.”

I guess, Tim, I’m the opposite of you. You can perform whatever sex act on Earth your heart desires with your wife, as long as she agrees. But when it comes to you as a homophobe? No acceptance here.


Tim is STILL a homophobe. He should stay broke.


Yep homophobe & I have no respect for him. Only reason he's even partially speaking out is because he was forced to and is trying to improve his image. I ain't buying it.


This is what happens when you put your foot in ya mouth about gays when you are an athlete- its best to just keep it to ya self! I am sooo glad he has suffered and hope it does not end..... EVER! Unless he gets turned out and even then, I want him to suffer because that would make him a latent homosexual and a self-hater, b/c all along he was one of us! Hey, hopefully one of his kids will come out, see how he likes that!

Oh and BTW- from what I hear, he didn't have anything worth looking at. Its usually the ones who are hung like babies that protest loudly!


latent- my bad -typo- LOL


Well, it's obvious that he still hates gay people.

"Gays and lesbians, we don't have to accept the act, but we have to accept them as people. Especially children, we don't want them to kill themselves. We want them to live their lives as they want to,"

Isn't it amazing the way homophobic black people sound a lot like racist white people when they talk about gays? He probably think he's enlightend. He's so kind as to allow us to exist, if not thrive. Ugh!!

DW Jazzlover

I could never understand Homophobes obsessions with just because he is wears a pair of pants we all want him!!We do have taste!

Cocoa Rican

His mind hasn't changed, his income has. His ignorance relating to showering with gays speaks to where he is with the issue. The endorsements should never come back. We should never reward ignorance. Ironically, when he sincerely makes peace with the gay community and realizes how hurtful AND ignorant it is to even mention an issue with sharing a lockeroom with gay men is, he will see a turn in his income prospects. I continue to encourage the gay community to stand by those who support us and our causes and HOLD BACK our dollars from anyone who will oppress us.


"The endorsements will never come back. People have taken that and it's gone. I understand that. I'm trying to look for work and provide for my family," he said. "All that stuff has left me high and dry. I have to dig for work.

In the words and voice of Aunt Esther with bible in hand "Shame, Shame, Shame, you need to be in a vocational school learning a trade":

1. When are "heterosexuals" ever going to stop thinking that just because someone you know is gay, they want you (or to look at your package in the shower for that matter).

2. Your NOT all that cute anyway Mr. (or should I say Ms.) Hardaway.

3. Finally, did you think that you'd be able to play basketball forever. Didn't you learn anything in school?? Dont put all your eggs in one basket. You should have paid attention in school so that you could have been marketable in something else other than dunking a ball through a hoop. And I should be sorry for you because you cant get work????? Sorry dude but YOUR the SORRY one for not saving your money for a rainy day.



I am still praying for this brother because he just doesn't seem to get it.

His rhetoric is the same as people who "lovingly" work for HIV/AIDS projects AS LONG AS it's children and people who got the disease "innocently." It's vile and repugnant thinking and its dripping all on the money he can't seem to earn, because he's reaping what he continues to sow.

It's just sad that people can't just say I LOVE YOU. Period. I think Heaven is going to be a very interesting place, when you consider all of the people who just can't seem to keep judgment from falling out of their mouths!

I am worried about this man working with the youth because he's all but saying BUT WHEN THEY GROW UP THEY ARE FAIR GAME!

"We don't have to accept...?" THEN WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!

As my 2 year old granddaughter is quick to say now (SHE GOT IT FROM HER GRANDMOTHER, NOT ME)...CHILD, BYE!

Tim, thank you but no thank you. I like my love without a side order of intolerance!


...he doesn't want to shower with gays in the locker room? ...what's funny about that is, even though he may not realize it, without a doubt in my mind...HE ALREADY HAS! That's right...So SUCK IT tim...!


Let me make this point as succinctly as possible. Why is any gay group working with this SOB? Shame on them. They should not want to work with people who give qualified support to LGBT. He doesn't agree with the act IS hating on our people. I don't want someone's tolerance. Either full acceptance or go to hell.

And he doesn't want to shower with gay men. Well, let him explain why he was caught on hidden camera standing and sitting around a bunch of other basketball players fully naked and taking his time talking to them. Everyone else around him was either covered up from the waist down or fully clothed. No, but his big ass was lotioning up and telling jokes for all to see his full nakedness. Let me tell you something. He acted like he was auditioning for a starring role in some man's bed.

Tim Hardaway hasn't changed one bit. And using these kids as a way to redeem himself is appalling. I have worked with at-risk gay youth before. And I would never say or do anything that could affect their spirits or self image. That group, the YES Institute, should be shutdown. At what price do you sell your dignity to "fit in" with straight people. I am disgusted. I'll be back, but I have to throw up right now.


I have no sympathy for him.


Has some valid points when you truly listen. We cannot act so high and mighty when we have too many gay men gawking and having sex in the gym.

Secondly, I know many straight folks with gay teenagers. They are now asking how do I handle when my teenage son's boyfriend wants to spend the night and stay in the same room? If they say no are they homophobic? Or just good parents saying you are a teenager and not able to have sex in my house?

Louis, are you really gay? Really? Because you're repeating all of the bs of the anti-gay crowd. I have no idea what "gym" you attend, but this was about behavior in the NBA locker rooms. If players are having sex there, well, that answers that. Your comment about gay teens is also ridiculous. Do these same parents allow their straight teen daughters to have BFs sleepover? smh -RM


@ Louis


No self-respecting gay person is going to debate the validity of their sexuality. If you want to listen to Tim's crap, then that says not very much good about yourself. But I get it. You are probably one of those confused DL dudes who is scared of his own gay shadow. And you are afraid that if someone sees other display their homosexuality in any way, then that person might begin to suspect you as well. It must be sad to live in constant fear of being discovered. Just relax and release. It can do wonders for your psyche.


@ Louis/ U Street:

What antigay church do you attend? Seriously. Cause you sound like a Bible thumper or as Ravenback said one of those self hating DL queens. What self respecting gay man would parrot those homophobic talking points? And why would any sensible person ask you for parenting advice? Really!


this is the most disturbing part. he is putting out statements and retracting everything they mean. Hardaway's problem: he wants to knwo. No one has the right to know anything about. That your life is your life and what you choose to talk about is your priviledge as humans. This whole thing is so vulgar. I don't like adulterers but i dont dmenad that people tell me before I interact with them. He assumes that gay men will be attracted to him and goes a far as to touch him. I think all straight men need to understand. You are not being watched and attacked by every gay man. I personally hate basketball players. This is a dualing ego trip. His work with the LGBT youth is all fake. Working for the wrong reasons: to get his job and endorsements back. Persoanlly if he needs to know my personal business in the workplace, i demand i know his. I think he is a horrible person and deceitful to boot!

Kevin Perez

If I were much younger, I would not feel safe with that man "helping" out on LGBT issues! Louis, your logic best applies to the breeders. Seems to me they can do whatever they please when it comes to their sexuality but when comes to the gheyz, there's a strict code we have to comply? GTFOH!

Also, the scenerio of gay teens wanting to invite their boyfriends to bed with them is something STRAIGHT girls do with their STRAIGHT boyfriends and usually without permission of their parents. Nice try.

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