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28 September 2009


Chris Cruz



He's still cute, and holds the same archaic thoughts most insecure black men hold about the black GLBT audience.

What type of message is that to send? Be yourself, but hide? Hmmm.-QH


What an A-hole. He sounded just like Ja Rule did when he talked about promoting gayness to kids. He's another has been that barely ever was. I guess he wants to make a name for himself like Carrie Prejean. But those forces think of him as just another "n". Well, I'm not a part of those forces and even I think of him as just another "n". And he has some nerve with those DSLs. Besides, I would much rather hear about Blair Underwood opening up an HIV/AIDS clinic in downtown DC. Now that's a real man.


For this I really have no words, but I am going to take a stab at it.

Kids are blank slates who's sexual orientations only come by watching and imitating heterosexual couples. So allowing the BLANK SLATE kids to function in environments where homosexuality is prevalent makes them gay?

Did that make sense?

Why is everyone always talking about CHILDREN, I get it kids are special, but damn they aren't that special. I am not gonna put my life on the back burner for your KIDS to be raised and well adjusted that's your job.

Besides they get way more sex from music starts. I mean gimme dat becky will turn a million boys into oral sex only guys, making they girlfriends go down on them. Gays ain't on TV promoting no becky.


...said the rapper who sells music to kids that talks about gunning people down in cold blood and rape.

Anthony in Nashville

@ soulbrotha:

Excellent point!

You said it much more plainly and nicer than I was going to. lol.


What a hypocrite! Thx soulbrotha.

Warren G been hiding so long I actually thought this was Nate Dogg talking crap.

Such stupidity continues... it's okay for us to exist but just keep it on the downlow. It's okay to be a gay adult but not a child.



It's sooooooooooooo crazy to hear rappers always trying to play "civil servants" when asked about homosexuals. They always say that's not right "show" it to kids...WHILE MUSIC VIDEOS SHOW EVERYTHING, including their ODD obsession with TWO WOMEN getting together!!! They not only show that, they celebrate it. Biggie has a part of "WARNING" where he is awaken with SEVERAL WOMEN in the same bed and holding each other.

It's just stupid and the sad part is he was so trying to make a real point but trying to sound cool for his dudes, too! STRAIGHT MEN ALWAYS SOUND STUPID WHEN THEY ARE TRYING TO DEFEND THEIR OWN BELIEFS BUT ALSO APPEASE OTHER DUDES!

The number of rappers who were always cooing up on me and the other gay guys at BET was always almost unnerving. I say that because of the public persona. But in the context of the industry, they are very flirtatous and often OUT RIGHT foreright about trying to make something happen (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE CUZ YOU READ THIS...HOW YOU DOING?)

Just silliness...and he's bringing up the topic so we'll talk about him. Talking, so GOOD MOVE! Now, enough!


Wonder if he feels the same way about two females kissing- doesn't mention that. Even though straight males are turned on by two women "gettin it" on together- based on what the bible says isn't it still wrong?

Honut SInti

He is on a stoop selling stupid!


Sit down Warren G...


Its sounds like Warren G wants another 15 minutes of fame....

Hypocrites don't realize how stupid they sound, do they?

Bottom line:

Miss Warren G, Keep ya mouf shut!


I love the lack of common sense some people have. Do they think watching gay people makes kids gay? seems to me all you usually see is straight people doing things yet get people seem to happen anyway. I know he's trying to sound open minded but he really just sounds like a moron. Oh well I guess this is progress LOL.


LOL talk about moron, I meant to say GAY people happen anyway not get people, sometimes only sleeping for 3 hours a night can catch up with a person I guess lol.


Why do these entertainers feel that they have to express an opinion on anything? Especially those who have been out of the spotlight for considerable time?
I used to like "Regulate", his one and only hit.


Good Lord, Could you please spare me of the intellectual prose of a gangsta rapper!!! I would be surprised if he can spell homosexual. Ten letters may be a bit much, How about parents take responsibility about what there children WATCH on Television...by the way where is all this Man on Man action going on the small tube. I've got directv and unless T.O. is kissing his Quarterback of the Week I'm Missing something!!!!!

Ten in My Timbz

' I would be surprised if he can spell homosexual.'



Lol OK Warren G. I'm so tired of these industry dudes talkin about how they don't like gays & what not. Notice how he didn't completely spew hate against us, because he knows any future he may have in the music game would be done. I remember some barbershop talk I was participating in; saying how the entertainment industry is full of gay people & if you wanna succeed you better not be a homophobe. Warren knows this; so shut up dude! As Rev kev said many "rappers" portray this thug image but behind the curtains they are trying to get with us.


Who was stupid enuff to ask him for an opinion???? Thats like asking Kanye about Etiquette? Or Chris Brown about how to treat a woman?

...remind me again what he is famous for?


Who? And, why should he even have an opinion dressed like a buffoon and trying to emulate the ridiculous gangtsa and broke pimp lifestyle??

But, thanks Rod for keeping the list of our enemies and their drivel out there.

Out, loud and proud to be black and gay thank you and I for one will hide for anyone, my love is just as good as the next persons.


Smh. Where did Vanity Fair find Warren G's big DSL'S-Aint-had-a-hit-in-over-10-years-azz anyway? *Tuning ALL these celebs out* smh


Vanity Fair...plz check 4 other pressing events occuring in the world other than sollicting the ramblings of washed-up, one hit wonder last spotted on celebrity fit club! how does the saying go, better to remain quiet and have us wonder if you're a fool than to open ur mouth and remove all doubt!


I was gonna ask, why is Vanity Fair talking to Warren G?


Warren G! Have seat please with your inarticulate self, LOL! How many times did he contradict himself in the statement?

alicia banks

what gansta hypocrisies!!!!!!!

warren needs to hide his own violent videos and songs from his children

sexuality is not contagious
violence is!

i wonder what their dl uncle dre thinks about his little brother's bigoted lunacy???

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