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03 September 2009



Wuerl's same-sex marriage offensive comes at the same time archdioceses across the country—and in his own Washington DC—are closing Catholic churches and schools due to lack of funds.

Priorities, priorities.

Actually, the hypocrisy here is not as severe as one might think.

Time and again, the preaching of anti-gay bigotry has proven to be an incomparably successful fund-raiser.


Apparently not this time. I'd also ask Wuerl what he's going to do to stop spousal abuse, adultery and divorce. That's where the real threat to the sanctity of marriage is.


I was raised Catholic. This organization surrendered ANY moral legitimacy and high ground a long time ago. Check out the Penn and Teller episode on the Vatican. From the deliberate cover up of child sexual abuse to the irresponsible stance on condom use in Africa, they have dropped the ball time and again

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