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30 September 2009


The Truth

The peforfmance wasn't bad. Sometimes I don't think she knows how to style a song the way she should. I think she tried to "patti-fy" the song, but she should leave that to miss labelle. I would love for her to focus on melody more and fill us with that amazing tone she has.

Its good to see Miss Hudson back on the scene though.

DW Jazzlover

I feel that ms.Hudson took the song and made it her own. I think we are just starting to see this Beautiful Sister shine..She is the future...Is that Jazz!


wasn't impressed...thought she needed to have listened to Judy's version and then do her own thang...

Patti's thang is already etched in stone in the hearts and minds of "all ma sistas and me" (past and present).

What was the glove thing...did i miss something? She didn't seem to have thought much about the outfit she chose for this event so i won't either. Still I luv her to 'deaf'!


I heard her do this song somewhere before and it was a mess, just loud and louder. This version I loved, I can't wait for her next album because hopefully they'll be more concerned with quality music verses making a generic album that no one was really feelin'. Jhud has got the talent, she just needs to focus.


I think she did very good. Jennifer does suffer from trying to "Patti-ize' all of her songs and scream to the high heavens. But she has a nice take on a gay classic.

Tboi is right, Jennifer needs to dress up sometimes. But I am so glad to see she is still here, she recovered from her tragedy and her son is healthy.

Sasha Not So Fierce

Rod, you have a point, it's a bit much at times.

I agree with the Truth. Focus on the melodies and leave the high notes to Patti.

But I can see J Hud singing this because her story is like Dorothy's, from very humble beginning to fab Hollywood celeb!

And thank gawd Beyonce didn't do this. And that weave aka rat's mess? How dreadful.


Im sorry, I REALLY had high hopes for Hudson, but she is turning out to be a nightmare! You cant be garnered with the most prestigious awards in the industry, and come out on stage like you are going grocery shopping YET again! Im so sick and tired of her karaoke versions or bad impressions of vocal performances she keeps turning in!

I need her to do better!


Love the song and will give her a B- for effort, she needs to sing it her way, not the Patti, or even Judy Garland way for us older fans of the song LOL. That said, I'm pleased to see her get on with her life and do what she does best, sing.


It was a bit much. But given that modern singers (Beyonce, Christina, etc.) think that vibrato replaces actual singing talent, it's par for the course. And who the hell is her stylist?!? After Ms. Andre Leon Tally f*cked her up at the Oscars a few years back she has not been right!!!

She has such a strong voice and beautiful tone that if she sang her songs "clean" nobody could touch her. She needs to develop an identity as an artist and then grow from there. I look forward to hearing more from her.


I felt it was fine. It was what I would expect from her. I would like for her to find another way to do that "Patti run" up the scales so she can make it her own.

It was a weak finish, after she ended her last note she should have stayed quiet, but she felt since there was music left she thougt she needed to hit at least one last note, but her voice fizzeled out, and she squeaked.
I like how at one point it was going towards a jazz flavor. I think down the road, that will be her path.


I love Jennifer's voice, and thought she sounded great here. BUT this arrangement is completely 100% Patti LaBelle's arrangement. Even some of the vocal riffs Jennifer did were exact replicas of ones that Ms. Patti is known for doing in this song. I know what they say ("imitation is the highest form of flattery") but when you are singing a song that some of the greatest interpreters of song ever to have lived (Judy Garland, Patti LaBelle, etc)have already sung, it behooves you to at least attempt to put your own spin on it.


I've never been impressed with Jennifer Hudson either as a singer or an actress but I'm still waiting! This is a case where the "artist" NEEDS to pay attention to the critics!


You people are harsh and so critical! Jennifer is very talented and "can sing". What other contemporary of hers could do this song justice? Perhaps she replicated Patti's version of the song but who cares? Hasn't that type of performance taken place for decades? Leave her alone and allow her to experiment. She is 27 years old! She has an amazing future ahead of her.

Honut SInti

Jennifer did a decent job. She clearly has talent. I heard a bit more youth than maturity in this particular delivery. Give her a few more years and she will rock this tune and others with better melody, phrasing, and voice control. Glad to see her back out there though after her family tragedy. BTW, the background singers were excellent.

Also, while listening to Jennifer's rendition, I thought of that guy on Star Search and Oprah years ago. I believe his last name was Harris. He was about Jennifer's age then. At the time, he put a fierce Patti-cake on "Over the Rainbow".


I see Beyonce has her stans out in full effect .. smh ..


As someone who lives in Hawai‘i, I feel it is my patriotic duty to mention Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole’s version.

You’ve all heard it in a million ads, but this is a nicely done video for it.


@ Jim: Thanks for that reminder...an absolute wonderful rendition of the song.

CC d'Afrique du Sud

i honestly can't say say anything negative about this woman, guess i'm too biased.

*singing* ...are you the man who loves and cherishes and cares for me? is that you, is that you?... LOL


To all the haters Jennifer Hudson has the best voice in the industry today. I don't care how many you try to compare her with non can stand up. The young multi-talented artist is a beast on the mic, and knows how to make a song her own. Patty loves Jennifer to the up most. She respects her craft. Jennifer did a super job and she was choosen for that reason. They wanted it to be a success without reason. Choosing Jennifer Hudson you can not go wrong. If you just wanted someone for fashion you should have told them to pick Beyonce. Jen hudson knows how to sing any song. It really does not matter who nthe song is buy.


You queens are so critical it gets exhausting at times. Who cares about the clothes? Yes, she was doing an homage to Patty and she knew it. It was a nod and wink to a classic. Bottom line: I was touched by her ernest delivery. She felt it. That is all that matters. Calm down.

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