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10 September 2009


Nathan James

The Sergeant-At-Arms should have immediately ejected Rep. Wilson from the floor, and charged him with contempt of Congress. I can't help but wonder if such blatant disrespect would have been displayed to a white President. SMH!


I hope this serves as a wake up call for Obama to get off of his "bipartisan" road to hell. These Repubs do not respect him, do not believe that his leadership is legitimate, and will go to truly unprecedented lengths to stop him.

I find it very odd that for a team of such "smart" advisors they simply do not address the rampant racism underlying much of this opposition. It is so clearly there. Clinton understood this and he took them on, shutting down government in the process rather than give in to them. Obama and his team need to call a spade and spade and get into gear and ready for a fight.


KEVJACK, you are right! He's got to realize that the haterz are wild and loose and that while is job is to WORK with everyone, it is not to PLEASE everyone! ENOUGH OF THE COWTOWING and TIME FOR SOME ACTION!!!!

NATHAN, you are right! THEY SHOULD HAVE EJECTED HIM IMMEDIATELY! This is what the post of SERGEANT-AT-ARMS IS FOR!!! I fired off an immediate response to Wilson's office and hope that some form of censure is issued! THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND INSULTING TO THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT! I really wanted to scream out "NIGGER" and I am tired of people acting like these shadowed outbursts, pickets and exchanges aren't about race.

President Obama has only been in office for 8 MONTHS and you would think that he was been there for years, as he is garnering ALREADY the kind of fury that people FINALLY GATHERED for Bush after trusting him through a war AND the nation's worst crisis ever...OH, and a National Tragedy such as Hurricane Katrina...BEFORE PEOPLE GOT IRATE! These gun-toting, dagger-slinging malcontents are really working me into a frenzy, with all of these screams and accusations over things that haven't even have the opportunity to be debated, shaped and studied!



This is why Bush got shoes thrown at him! Repubs need to sit down & shut up! Listening is such a virtue and intelligence is fleeting, when it comes to republicans nowadays.


The disrespect that is being shown to Obama from the GOP and so many others in this country is disturbing, and, it has nothing to do with any of his polices, since he does not seem to really have any IMO, its all for that age old issue that some want to say is gone: race.


Well, I'm not surprised at all considering Joe Wilson's district and his party affiliation. However, I've tried to point this out numerous of times, but you know some white people don't want to admit some of the main reasons there is bias against Obama is based on race. It's like have a legitimate and coherent argument speaking on how this has never occurred in modern history gets drowned out by the "we just don't trust him", "it's because he's trying to enforce socialist policies", or "he's a liberal" crap to justify their claims.

Most non-whites and progressive whites KNOW what is really going on with this most of the hatred of Obama based upon.

On the other hand, to maintain moderate and Independent support Obama must look as "bipartisan" as possible. He is trying to gain political capital as well as accomplish a great feat.


This country has lost all respect for decorum. There's a time and place for everything. You see the rudeness of people everyday you interact with the outside world. People use cellphones while a movie is playing in the theater, people cut you off on the road while driving, people bump into you at a store and don't say, "Excuse me.", or "I'm sorry.", or when people park their cars, they take up two spaces. People are rude. Joe Wilson is just a reflection of the boorish behavior of the average American. The ability to speak isn't a sign of intelligence. Just because you can speak doesn't mean you should say something. This country is falling fast. Unfortunately, we have front row seats to witness this country's meltdown.


Re: Congressman Yells To Obama-You Lie!!!!

This is a "Classic" case of a White Southern male who has no respect for a Man of Color...Even when he is The President of the United States.

"Whitey" is running scared because he is very soon to be a minority in this country and he has nowhere to run to as they did during their "Manifest Destiny" plundering of the Western Hemiphere


When I looked at the President's healthcare reform address last night, I didn't hear what the Congressman said. I saw how the Vice President and the Speaker of the House looked to their left, really astonished. It's really sad, how you've all said, that President Obama isn't respected, even by some in the Congress.

If Congressman Wilson disagreed with the President, which he did/does, last night wasn't the forum to express those displeasures, especially the way that he did it. This was the President's time. Express your disagreements/displeasures with him in a Republican rebuttal or whatnot, not say, "You lie!" It's childish, rude and downright disrespectful to the Office of the President of the United States.

Also, I like how the President called those folks out on what his helathcare reform plan is and is not.

We've still got a loooonnnngggg way to go.


To all the haters and A-HOLES that STILL can't get a grip on reality and accept the fact that Barack Obama is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, GROW THE HELL UP OR AT LEAST JUST SHUT THE HELL UP, OR DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND JUST LEAVE, its that simple. Bush started a war FOR NO REASON, having troops and innocent people killed for no reason, and that's ok? He should have been up on charges. But, we put an interracial Man in the White House, and some ignoramasses have a fit. Joe Wilson, you shouldn't represent a damn thing in this Country. We don't need ignorant, disrespectful loser haters like you even being in your position. Wish I could tell you to your pathetic face. HATER!!!!


Unfortunately, Wilson, a relatively minor and not widely known republican congressman, now has possible garnered more supporters (and financial backing) that he ever would have had he simply kept quiet. Don't be surprised if you begin hearing even more republicans shout at the president when he speaks in the future. I don't watch FOX news, but I'll betcha Wilson is being praised for his actions by most of their commentators.


Joe Wilson was also a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Still fighting the Civil War. He also fought to keep the Confederate flag flying in South Carolina.

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