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30 September 2009



Nope, sorry, President is much too busy to issues a simple press release.

Gotta run to Copenhagen now and call Albany and Boston!

Andy Niable

President Obama sent a letter to the No on Prop 8 campaign explicitly coming out against Prop 8... and that campaign refused to use it in their advertising. Ask the No On Prop 8 folks about that.


Sigh. We know about the ONE letter, Andy. We also know that many MORE times Obama said ""marriage is between a man and a woman, God is in the mix" etc and those soundbite were used in robocalls and commercials.

IIRC many people gay Obama fan boyz were opposed to No on 8 using Obama's letter in commercials. They also didnt want any video used.

'Cause, you know, that will "give" the Republicans ammunition. Haha, they had plenty already, his own words.


at this point it really doesn't mater. obama's 'fierce advocacy' has been a joke. it's much to much to expect a press release or a letter from our president on this. we'll go it alone.

i guess we'll have to wait for the next brief "defending" DOMA to hear how much the president "opposes" it. chuckle

Chitown Kev

Puh-lease, you know that the President isn't going to say anything about this without repeating (for the 10,465th time) "according to my Christian beliefs, marriage is between a man and a woman"

No, better that the President keep his mouth closed.


As Rod says, "I don't interfere in state politics" is an excuse he can't use anymore. And great point, Faison, about Copenhagen.

I understand: Flying thousands of miles to tout the home town is one thing, but the civil rights of a minority are another.


You know, we all know Malcolm used to ridicule MLK Jr. for being a wimp, but has it ever occurred to anyone where we'd all be today if our current president had led the Civil Rights Movement instead of MLK Jr.?


Rod, I'm glad you mentioned this. I saw this at Towleroad and was hoping to see your take.

I'm with Chitown Kev on this. We know see that Obama is the Triangulator in Chief on just about everything and can never take a position. If he says anything on opposing marriage amendments, he's going to have to talk about his Christian beliefs, god is in the mix, etc. Let the prez do his 11 dimension, "fierce advocacy" elsewhere from afar.

Chris Cruz

"President Obama sent a letter to the No on Prop 8 campaign explicitly coming out against Prop 8... and that campaign refused to use it in their advertising."

A letter. Big woop.
But how soon we forget. The Obama campaign (and, umm, many gay Obama supporters) did NOT want Prop 8 to use Obama's name or image in their ads. Something about "If we lost Prop 8, it was okay, as long as we had Obama in the White House."

But it didnt matter because he has said numerous times on TV that he is against marriage equality and marriage is only for heteros.

IMHO I could care less. But the Obama, the Democrats and their supporters are obsessed with saying or doing anything to offend the Republicans. Perhaps they haven't seen the news coverage, facebook pols or guns brought to his events. The Repubs are already outraged and offended.

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