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14 October 2009



a senseless sentence for a senseless crime

my prayers to the family. i hope robert hannah's four months are real hard time, in more ways than one.

Face and Waist


but not very surprised given the amount of intense anti LGBT hate crimes we have seen lately.

Dallas Cowboy

Once again, gay men continue to be victimized in death as they do in life. The only thing more disturbing than the tragic and vicious assault is the ridiculously light sentence. smh


Ugh... Make you just want to go out and beat the hell out someone for being straight.. but what will that prove.


This is sick. 'Gay Panic' reminds me of a less enlighten time (although it still happens), when a woman would get raped and the first question was "What were you wearing?” As if the victim is to blame for the crime. 'Gay Panic' is a sorry excuse to brutalize someone, and the sad thing is sometimes it still works.


Has there been any forensic autopsies been done to confirm/deny the claim of this 19 y/o? It really feels as if no work went into this case to find out what happened, and try in a just manner: a life was taken and no one really cares!!! If that is the way the justice system has become on these cases, why not allow the family of the murdered bring guns into the courtroom, if they so choose? At least a reasonable decision could be made if a family member felt like killing him.

I have NO sympathy for this guy if in the next 180 he is gang raped, beaten, or murdered.


>>>>"Hunter's family members, D.C. Council member Phil Mendelson (D-At Large) and gay activists have been outraged the United States' Attorney Office for the District declined to pursue the original manslaughter charges or murder."

Except for the thousands of black gays in DC. They're fine with the misdemeanor charges and 6 months given to this thug who killed one of their own. Just stop interrupting their circuit weekends an parties with this "news"!


Just sickening. But no surprise since we were already prepared for this a couple of months ago. The prosecution is responsible for this travesty. They just wanted this case over with. I guess it wasn't glamorous enough for them. The US Attorney's Office for DC needs to clean house, and the judge needs to be removed from the bench. The only way to prevent this from happening again is for heads to roll. Otherwise, it's the SOS.


My mouth is wide open. You have got to be kidding me, 180 days for taking a life?? I try not to jump into the race stuff, but, I wonder if this had been one of the well to do Dupont Circle gays and this same KILLER had KILLED him if this slap on the hand sentence would have been given??

And, why aren't the black gays in DC and the metro area and all people of good will not in the streets over this travesty??

I for one am so sick and tired of this and still NO LAWS to protect us, totally disgusted. And, if you are black and gay and a victim of a violent gay bashing, you will get just what Mr Hunter got, and it isn't justice.


... and still silence from the DC gay niggeratti. probably still burning up the phone lines over the "trade" they met at halo on sunday! TRUST!


Welp...If a guy wants to kill me, all he has to do is say I touched his butt. Four months in the slammer and then he can go find another gay man to harass. I love America.


This kind of makes me want to throw up.

justsoukno writes: Make you just want to go out and beat the hell out someone for being straight.. but what will that prove?

Obviously, killing a random straight person is morally indefensible. On the other hand, the beating up of a pastor who preaches hatred from the pulpit would be a richly deserved punishment. But it is totally counter-productive. It just makes a martyr out of an evil person.

I think we should start robbing the pastors of their jewelry. You know—all the diamonds and gold that Jesus bought them? With the proceeds, we could create a relief fund for the victims of hate crimes, while at the same time giving the pastors self-esteem issues.


Talk about a miscarriage of justice! The whole panic defense to me is reprehensible. 180 days for taking a life.... RIDICULOUS!

Doug Cooper Spencer

A life was taken. Unfortunately that life was both GAY & BLACK. He was no Matthew Shepherd. His family should not let this injustice go undone.


Random at this stage; but it's so sad to see a black man murder another for something so senseless in times we're living in. Makes me think he's either a sociopath or without any clue. I'm sure,or hope rather, that with time he'll come to his senses and realized what he's done.

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