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01 October 2009



He sounds like the schoolgirl who was left out of the game.


What an idiot. Ellen DeGeneres's talk show is a mainstream media talk show. Everybody goes on there and everybody watches it, not just the gay community. What an idiot!

The Truth

50 is not relevant anymore. What an idiot!

Derrick from Philly

I can't stand Fiddy. If he was "Top Trade"...maybe. But a "DL Bottom"? Oh, no.

I wish that at one of these music awards shows Queen Latifa would catch him and whup the poop out of his cell block azz (although Fiddy probably keeps it cleaned out for unexpected bangings). Well, Queen can whup the skin off of it then.


Miss 50 was feeling left out, so she had to lash out-- its understandable.


Fiddy is not gay.
I know most of yall want to be but he just isnt.

And Rod what does 50 holding a dildo prove?????


Do we really care that 5¢ is giving his 2¢? And where is my CHANGE?!!


what is almost most surprising about that is how the radio dj totally knew her shit!



Go Kanye! Go GaGa!


"And Rod what does 50 holding a dildo prove?????"

Derrick from Philly

"Fiddy is not gay."

No, nobody said he was. He's too crude. If it's one thing I've learned in these years: taking it up the booty does not mean you are gay. It just means you like it (plenty women have had to find that out about their men--child, I know how they feel). And plenty rough, tough lookin' men, who don't consider themselves gay, do like taking it in through the back door. And plenty feminine men love to bang in through back door (I love and admire them, but I stay away from those "children").

The reason that we "read" some of these men like Fiddy is because of their anti-gay statements when they know that their private sex lives (or what they did in prison) should make them less judgemental and hypocritical.

We don't want Fiddy to be gay--he's crude and raunchy. We want Kanye to be gay 'cause he's cute and sensitive....a little crazy, but cute.


I thought 50 was funny. I did not sense he was being insulting in his tone; well he said to have Gaga call the tour "gay" was shocking to him, and it was to me. Actually, I felt she was pandering to the gay community, because I dunno, it's not just her tour, and no the gay community isn't why she sold..what 3 or 4 millions of her albums worldwide. I mean, bloggers or whoever she's referring to aren't representative of the gay community as a whole. And if the gc had that power, the likes of Ari Gold, Rupaul and heck even Cindy Lauper would sell that much.

To me Gaga is selling the same old image of the sexy blond female which appeals more to heterosexual ideals, even though she can have an humorous edge to what she does..but she's given wayyy too much credit, especially this early in the game.


50 cent is such a lame, thats funny how he continues to find ways of always bringing up Kanye's name into a conversation when on the other end Kanye doesnt do the same about him. I assume its in part by being outsold by Kanye, and maybe personally rejected with some sexual advances he made to him in the past....

I guess that makes 50, that old wack guy in the club who wants to start poppin off at the mouth when you don't want to talk him.


50 was indeed being snide in his remarks. He is smart enough to know not to use slurs to refer to the gay community, because he will be read and ALL his dirt will be uncovered, and his new image and entree among the white elite, like working with Bette Midler and others, will be revoked.
And by the tete, those three artists you mentioned DID sell millions of records at the height of their popularity because of the gay community. This is why they are considered icons in the gay community and they still cater to the gay community. Because when the straight community has grown weary of artists and drop them and start looking for the next "new thing" (and yes, the gay kids do it too), these artists gather their "staying power" through the gay community.

I really don't care for Gaga, but I know the white children are at the top of her record buying lists (check the club hits rotation).


I think 50 is gay. I have no interest in him what-so-ever, so it means nothing to me personally. I like my men with much more class and much more cultured, but I am sure he appeals to some. Maybe you D?:-)


It is "Cyndi" Lauper, "C-y-n-d-i," why do people always use the incorrectly? And she has a strong gay base, but her base also includes a lot of other demographics, I'd research that before completely generalizing her.

Outside of that, 50 Cent is truly wack.-QH


"...use the name of Cyndi Lauper incorrectly?"

Lol, re-read my statement and forgot a word. Tee hee!


Diva1961: Those artists never sold millions of records, especially not Ari Gold, and Rupaul at the height of his (mainstream) popularity in 1993 with Supermodel peaked at #109 on the BB 200 according to his weakipedia (the single "Supermodel" achieved gold status, 500k). But like I said, Rupaul was then considered a mainstream artist.

As for Cyndi (pardon the spelling), the reason I included her is she's now touring the gay circuit, and I mean that now she's no longer shipping millions of units because the gc alone cannot give her that many records sold, partly because the so-called "community" (those who are involved in the scene, and run the blogs, press, pay attention etc), is made up of a small percentage of the larger LGBT population. So when artists like Gaga say "it's the gays who made my success", they're usually referring to that relatively small group, and when it's case that success sadly isn't counted in millions of records.


50 and Angie don't have room to talk about anyone or anything being "gay".

I'm from NYC, we know the deal... mm hmm.

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