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22 October 2009


Derrick from Philly

DeMint is one of de nuts of the Senate. That fool from Oklahoma is another one...what's his name? Inofe or something.


Derrick, the other "fool" is Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. I've done a lot of research for my Congressional class this past spring to know who that asshole automatically.

Demented SOB from South Carolina is a piece of work.

Oh yeah, take a gander at what Coburn has been up to make LGBT turn against health care reform:



Or, Derrick, it could be Inhof, the other OK right wing hate monger! This Demint guy and those who vote for him are so vile with their hatred all the while claiming to be God fearing Christian's, its hard to type without banging the keyboard, and, the sad thing is he knows his gig is safe until he is ready to retire.


I stopped the video after 25 seconds, when he had the audacity to say "hate crimes has nothing to do with "crimes" or "hate." WTF?

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