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07 October 2009



I'm not usually a foot fetishist, but even those dogs are beautiful! AP's incredible...


He is so strong lol.
Serena's cover looks really nice as well!
Black is so beautiful.


I feel black men have the most unattractive feet. We keep ours holed up in shoes, even wear socks with sandals so they can't breath.

jacob williams

damn are those human feet?


the "making of" video


also check out more pictures here


including Rod 2.0 fave Oguchi Onyewu (pictures 22&23)

and why does AP keep covering up his crotch? :-(

Anthony in Nashville

Arrrgh. His feet are *busted* !!

I guess it is to be expected with someone whose feet get stepped on all the time.


Thanks, ff, for the link. The gallery is a truly fascinating collection of human bodies.

The photo of Nelson Cruz is ultra.

truly, q

his feet ACTUALLY aren't bad at all, considering what he does for a livin

& his mug SITS in this photo...hell, it sits PERIOD


Those feet are worth millions. so back off haters!


Is he really nude or is he wearing black tights?

Chitown Kev

Oooooh, all these foot fetishists at Rod's...I thought it was just me and...uh, well I'll let him reveal himself.

co-signing what terrell and truly,q said welllll... but african men(but not african american men) actually DO have cute feet...

Mikey--He Likes It

He is just Godiva chocolate!! At least he's showing off his feet and not covering them up like some brotha's you see wearing socks to the beach....yuck!! And I'm a bit surprised by all the references to his feet too....hmmmmmm


Lol, I love feet & he doesn't have bad feet, they aren't like...hobbit feet. They look good to me, y'all should try them more often, shoot, don't knock it till...-QH

Derrick from Philly

"They look good to me, y'all should try them more often, shoot, don't knock it till..."

Even super extra large magnums can't be pulled over most feet. I guess you could use a female condom and just ease....oh, what the hell am I saying?

Lord, help me!

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