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07 October 2009



I saw this churl droning on last night and changed the channel, glad I did, but, after hearing this hate speech I'll be firing off an email to his office with the truth.

As for him not being a racist, I'll give him some leeway on that since Keyes hates blacks more than anyone else, well, other than Clarence Thomas!


Well Luther I'm not giving any leeway on that. Tyler Texas?????? Oh HELLS to the NO.

But Rod. Just stop and think about this for a minute. Don't you find it strange how all these WHITE congressman who matter in the LGBTQ Community getting anything done. After all they're the ones who pass the bills and our White brethern continues to say that African Americans are more HOMOPHOBIC than anyone else????

Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMM


East Texas homophobes- nothing new to us here!


Flood his inbox with emails!! These right winged people are afraid because this country is changing too fast for them. Their showing fear....that's why they keep going off on these ignorant sounding rants. Keep the heat on them!

Kevin Perez

No surprise if these people practice said acts behind closed doors.


That guy is so warped by hate and ignorant ideology. The only good thing is that we know what he is. Better that than those who féin humanity and plot in the dark


Ok I might be wrong here.

But the last time I checked gay men can "CONSENT" to be with each other. An animal cannot consent, nor can a corpse, nor can a tree, nor can a amusement park ride.

Two consenting adults being in a relationship surely isn't the same as someone marrying a tree? A tree doesn't have a brain or a conscience?

Now in terms of children. Heterosexuals can't marry kids under the age of 16 in most cases and I think the same rule should apply to homosexuals.

But other than that I don't get his comparison of bestiality and necrophilia?


Mr Famu - you're assuming that these folks think logically. They actually are the antithesis of logic. They begin with an ideological belief and then they spend their lives attempting to support that belief. As facts get in the way of their preconceived ideas, they become increasingly hysterical in defense of that flawed system. They are literally living in a fantasy world (more of a nightmare) that is just a house of cards. Such men, troubled as they are have no place in leadership of any Country.


Well, when they scoop a gay soldier's guts back into his dead body after being blown up by an IED device, can the military give him his life back. After all, he wasn't worthy enough to serve the military so he shouldn't have had to lose his life.

What someone should do is bring in a flag draped coffin of a fallen gay serviceman and have it sit there in the middle of the House floor while these disgusting turd heads talk about how perverted people like this fallen soldier are. I think the point would smack viewers right across the jaw.


One more thing. Why don't these homophobic butt wipes just keep their traps closed? OK I get it. They don't like gay folks. Fine. Nothing can be done about that. Just vote against the bill in silence.

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
-- Abraham Lincoln


Wow! That is really insulting for him to compare those things to homosexuality. I don't think they are comparable AT ALL! He really is ignorant and there is just no other way to put it. Completely OUT OF TOUCH!



Derrick from Philly

"The Hills Have Eyes," , honey.

Speaker Pelosi ought to keep a loaded pistol near her gavel. When a looney congressman starts talking crazy the Speaker should simply remove him.


Amazing what idiots some folks put into positions of power. Wow...-QH

Chitown Kev

@Derrick from Philly


Don't give Nancy any ideas...not that it's a bad one, mind you. Nancy Pelosi just has that look on occasions that makes me think "I really shouldn't fu*k with her."

Chitown Kev

You know what.

90% of the time white homophobes really ARE racist. they deploy the same arguments against the gay community that were used against the black community (when it was highly acceptable to do so).

If only our white gay sista-girls would do a little research...


@ Tim

I wouldn't let these people run an elementary school student government association. Who is voting them into office? And shouldn't congress have some protections in place to kick out people with crazy fringe opinions?


@mr famu - you're right. They do have a remedy though. They could kick him out of congess. The problem is that anyone can say what he said and it not be a big deal. Imagine the repercusions if you were to substitute any other minority group into his raving tirade?


I don't know anybody is shocked by this "argument". He obviously come from the same school of craziness that most other white, socially conservative Congressman attended. He's just trying to "prove" to those "back home" in East Texas that he's there to represent their "values". Hence, why I don't screw with Texas outside of its big 4 (DFW, Houston, SA, Austin) because racism and homophobia is so prevalent moreso than even my part of the Deep South.

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