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26 October 2009



and if i'm not mistaken, most of the jurors were black...am I correct? if so, just another example of keeping a black man in office even if he ain't about doing right. just amazing!


yes, you are mistaken. over half the jurors were white.

Per WKRG and Press Register, the jury was mostly black.-RM


lol@alan. apparently the jury must have thought the judge was being framed. my question is, does he just go back to the bench now, or is his career over?


well well ....things thatmake you go hmmmmmmmmm

Isaac Humphrie

This is a case of a jury in denial. In their eyes, "there is no way this man could have done these things. He doesn't even look gay."

This country is in such denial. Even the str8 looking man can be gay. I don't like guys on the DL. At the end of the day they hurt the guy community.


Well, from what I've heard his political career is FAR FROM OVER. There was a poll of him earlier this year in Mobile County and he was well liked by most.

It's a damn shame because he is NASTY AS HELL and everybody knows it. He's gotten away with murder, but after I said on my own blog how the case for the prosecution fell apart I knew it was over.

Yeah, this is another case of "jury in denial" because there is substantiated evidence (semen in the carpet), but it's also poor prosecution by the Mobile County DA office.



I am really not mad about the verdict. The judge is an upstanding Black man, with some issues. He did not kill anyone for pete sakes.


I am APPALLED. He should be sitting in a jail cell, not free to do as he wishes. Sorry, but I disagree with the verdict, wholly. How dare the jurors allow him to get away with murder. How could they just overlook the DNA evidence? What a WEIRD conclusion to this mess. How could they be okay with knowing this old queen used his power to sexually assault prisoners who were under his control? Ridiculous. KEE @ Upstanding Black man. Oh, how I would love to know your definition of upstanding.


I wonder if the prosecutor bothered to ask any of the victims to describe the genitals of the judge. How could they have known if stretch marks were all over his rear end or if he was circumcised without having seen it?

The "icing" on the cake for the prosecution was the semen of TWO of the accusers and they managed to "blow" the case? Wow. Talk about the power of a black robe. Wonder if he wore black leather chaps and boots while he spanked them and called them fa........... I'll bet he did. How about you?

web design agency

Wow. I thought they were going to send him to the bricks.

James M

This is so shocking right now! What in the world is happening with our society!?


I think I finally know what the words "travesty of justice" mean. This is a disgrace on so many levels. If any of his victims had been white or non-convicts (and especially both), this guy would be under the jail. But they're young Black men on the wrong side of the law (and I have to wonder now just how many of them really belong in jail) so they don't count. And that last part is the least of what's working against them.

Young Black men, take note of how little you are valued in this society!


@ Alan:

The jury was almost all Africn American.

It's been reported here several times.

Do you see a white jury dismissing DNA evidence and the testimony of EX inmates who have nothing to gain? And WOMEN who testified Thomas asked to spank their nephew?

But if you want to tell yourself white people acquitted this perv, go for it.

lolz @ "upstanding Black man, with some issues"


Obviously the prosecution did not properly deliver their argument. We have to remember that it is not up to the defense to prove that they didn't do it; it is up to the prosecution to prove that the crime(s) have been committed. If the defense presents an argument/explanation as to what happened, the prosecution must prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the alleged crimes were committed- which makes me wonder what the explanation could have POSSIBLY been for the semen on the carpet...

Remember how we all thought that OJ was going to be found "guilty" and how shocked people were when the verdict came back "not guilty"? The evidence was there but the prosecution was sloppy in their presentation, so he got off.

In a criminal trial, their needs to be evidence found beyond the shadow of a doubt. if there is the SLIGHTEST chance that the evidence presented is not 100% iron-clad, they jury MUST come back with a not guilty verdict.

So,the prosecution dropped the ball somewhere...


I see Thomas teabagged those damn jurors into voting him NOT guilty...

that man needs a BOOT to the face! UGH! :(


i bet that thing had some GREAT SEX.

OJ Simpson

"The judge is an upstanding Black man, with some issues. He did not kill anyone for pete sakes."

That's what I said!


Unfortunately, some guy’s head is blocking our view of the bow tie.


smh @ bennie


I guess the point has been missed. Our judicial system is predicated upon your ability to acquire quality representation. OJ Simpson is one of them.


This is beyond belief. Was the prosecution that bad? I mean, how does the jury overlook written loga of the judge signing these men out of jail, of family members testifying that they gave permission for the judge to paddle their grown sons and SEMEN from two of these men in the judge's carpet. What good reason could there be for these men's semen to be found anywhere near this judge? I do think this is a case of not sending a "good brother" down the river.

I guess we're moving on up. Corrupt, powerful, black people can now manipulate the system so they don't have to account for their crimes too.


Um, yeah. I will not lie: I was shocked by the verdict. However, white men in the court systems get away with tons of stuff on a daily basis. Although I think they should lock him up and throw away the key, I am simultaneously and perversely excited that a black guy has gotten away with something. I know that is sick, sad thinking, but I just feel it necessary to state. One for us, one million plus for them.


The Judge was corrupt and wrong if he actually committed these crimes. I was not there so I do not know, those men who testified or testilied againsthim were all criminals. And with that said I question there credibility. Now lets free the Judge Thomas.


if perfection were the criteria for holding any office...then most offices would be vacant...

it's hard for me to cry crocodile tears over some young thugs getting their asses paddled, if that indeed was the case. it's funny that these same family members who were so willing to fall over themselves to testify against this judge didn't exert the same energies to keep their convict relatives out of jail.

young black men have known for years that jail is not a pretty place to be and yet they steal do dumb, stupid, criminal acts to get themselves locked up. how about using this same zeal to not be a criminal.

i can't be in the chorus of sayingn that every young black man in jail was framed. please, black on black crime is at an all-time high.

as for this judge, i don't know what happened because i wasn't in his chambers...but i'm certainly not going to take the word of individuals who have shown that they would terrorize society in the first place to get themselves locked up...

but maybe this will be a wake up call that will go down as an urban legend of sorts...to all young black men who seem so desperate to be thugs and criminals and a general terror on society...you may one day run up against a powerful black man who will spank your natural bare butt like you are his child...and you may also learn about the joys of teabagging...so obey your parents...contribute to your society...and curtail your thuggish...criminal tendencies...

and all these peeps who are so willing to sling arrows and stones at this judge...they might check their history books...according to the cia and fbi...martin luther king...someone i truly admire...also had his own pecadilloes...no one is pure as the driven snow...no one...and if they are pure as the driven snow...they are not from this planet...

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

Yes, dear Micheal it is sick indeed.
You know what I think happened? I think the jury knew full well this man signed out prisoners, spanked them, had sex with some and there was DNA on his office carpet. I think they bought the idea that "those men" WANTED to be with the judge. They were gay or down low and they cooperated with the judge for their own benefit and now they are disappointed with the outcome and have cried rape. HOw else can you expalin it? If this sis a case of jury nullification because the judge is black and the jurors felt that he was being railroaded simply becasue of his race despite the convincing evidence; WE AS A PEOPLE ARE MUCH SICKER THAN WE REALIZE!! There is a pattern of thinking that is detrimental to us; "He's innocent 'cuz he is black and the system is white". I hope this is not the case.

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