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26 October 2009


Danny Rivera

"Believe people when they tell you who they are"


... or maybe this is the exotic 12 dimension chess where Obama appears to be 'actively discouraging' the public option so progressives will psych themselves up to fight harder? 'Cuz the more he seems to go against his word and ditch his promise for the (one) Republican senator's plan, the more we fight for the right thing? So he is really motivating us?

Are people still telling themselves that? Wow. Who would have thought we will have to keep 'convincing' or pressuring a Democratic president to do Democratic things? Sorry, that's not leadership.


And there it goes under the bus!!

This is not leadership, and it shows how desperate Obama is to get a "ein" even though this "win will not control healthcare costs and will not result in universal coverage. I don't know what dimension the White House is operating in right now, but certainly "stupid/backstabbing/ throw them under the bus" is on the table.


@ Danny Rivera: You're not lying.

There is absolutely no fight in this man. Is there anything he stands for? This bodes terribly for the next three years and terribly for Afghanistan. If he can't stand up to the insurance industry when the majority of the citizens/voters favor a public option, how will he stand up to the military when they've already shown that they are willing to leak reports (General McChrystal) to politically blackmail him?

We need a third and a fourth and a fifth party so badly in this country. Is this the best we've got?!


we should wait and see how this plays out. I hold my judgment until then


Rod says: "It's remarkable... Give up your own plan and push the plan proposed by one Republican senator just to get her vote."

It's only remarkable if what you are giving up is really your plan.

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