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14 October 2009



One of the greatest embarassments is that the NAACP has members of color that are homophobic, anti-gay idiots! Gays are not only white, but ALL colors, and when it is all said and done basic human rights are still basic human rights that NO ONE can nor should deny anyone else!

Sasha Not So Fierce

how crazy is that? a black pastor supporting a right wing rethuglican who clearly doesn't have his congregation in mind.


Rod asks: So does this mean [Ratliff] will give a second endorsement for the gubernatorial candidate who will be best for Iowa’s black community and help improve unemployment in Des Moines?

It would seem that Ratliff believes there is nothing more important to the black communities of Iowa and Nebraska than to protect them from the scourge of gay people.

Lack of health care? “Nah.” High school dropout rates? “Nah.” Racial discrimination? “Nah.” Unemployment? “Nah.” Foreclosures and homelessness? Iowa’s meth epidemic? All a big “nah.”

Gay people? “Save us, dear Jesus, and help us elect a man of God, like our own Bob Vander Plaats, a true friend of black people everywhere.”

It might be quite informative to have a record of Mr. Ratliff’s bank deposits and where they come from.


It’s almost laughable…where is the NAACP around standards to uphold and guiding principles for being able to be associated with them?

Derrick from Philly

He'll regret this. His credibility with many black folks in that part of the Mid-West will be greatly damaged--maybe destroyed. To put his hatred of gay people before the interest of black people in Iowa. And he should be asked to leave the Democratic Party.

K in VA

Hate trumps reason every time.


Why is this so surprising to everyone. Prop 8 should never have passed, except for the loathing of the gay community by black preachers. Oh sure the Mormons supplied the money but the black pulpit supplied the votes.


This is not surprising. There is still a solid current of both femiphobia and homophobia, not to mention racism, that runs through the African American community, fostered by fundamentalist beliefs. Thank goodness for the socially enlightened and progressive influences that counter them!

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