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25 October 2009


Shane Moseley

These are great! Thanks!

I sooooo wish I were there!

Shane Moseley

Latvian? That boy looked Dominican or maybe Rican and PHINE!

Why were they on strike? lol


love these photos, it is freezing here and raining in massachusetts

i am so happy you are having fun and reporting back, you deserve a break!

oh and loooove your yellow lol
smile sometimes rod lol


That's a great last photo. And good deal, thanks for the cyber travel. I'm so happpy they flew you down there, represent for the brothas!

D. Askew

You're having sooo much fun and I won't even pretend that I'm not a tad bit jealous lol

Dallas Cowboy

This is wonderful. The waters are so calm and peaceful and the sunset is brilliant. What a life. I am so happy you are sharing pictures, thanks so much.


love the pictures, thanks Rod


Lol, is it bad to say you look very handsome, blushlingly so, in your pics Rod. Beautiful sun and ocean shots.-QH

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