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26 October 2009



Magic really didn't go there with Isaiah did he? Wow. Isaiah didnt start those rumors, honey. I remember hearing them about BOTH of them in the eighties and early 90s. The HIV news only made the Magic rumors worse.

Magic really sounds like an a-hole.


why did magic choose to address those rumors now? and he never even talked to isah about it? wow

yea and i'm with you rod, who hadn't heard those rumors before, this was nothing new, only fuel to fire


Nathan James

Isiah Thomas: Pot/Kettle/Black. In the late eighties, BOTH players were the subject of frequent and persistent rumors about being "on the low", so much so that I recall items in the local media about this, well before Johnson's diagnosis. There are 90+ games in regular NBA season play, not counting playoffs or chamionship games, and almost half of these are road games for a typical team. Wasn't it Wilt Chamberlain who pointed to this fact as a reason for the promiscuity of NBA players? (Chamberlain himself was no slouch, having boasted of bedding '20,000 women' during his own NBA career.)

My point is, it would have been ridiculously easy for Johnson, Thomas, or any other NBA player to be "on the down low" in many cities with many anonymous partners. The mud-slinging among them should stop now, before some aging trade with a long memory goes public with details of a fling with a player from, say, 20 years ago...just sayin'.


Uh yeah, Magic...

This is crap from when I was a kid and I even remember hearing about some gay or bisexual rumors. I know that Wendy Williams' messy butt used to remark how the rumors were very prevalent when both players were in their heyday in the 1980's. Magic just jaded and upset that he is the one that got caught whereas Isiah pretty much got away with it scratch-free.

Let it go, Earvin...

Danny Rivera

As Nathan said, Pot meet Keetle. Both Isaih and Magic were dogged by gay rumors for years. I can't say was there anything behind them or not, but there was lots of talk before, during and after Earvin's HIV announcement. I'm surprised these two men are still trading shots like this in public. They really need to get over whatever "it" was, probably trade gone wrong or something.


that photos is classic

and glad to see you blogging from key west, rod!


Isaih Thomas has a gay son that he TOTALLY disowns. Google the story and see what comes up. It's not right to dislike someone based on their looks but there is something about Mr. Thomas I simply DO NOT LIKE and it is not sexually related. It is HIM.

I have never met neither he nor Magic Johnson but when I lived in LA back in the 1980's the daughter of a co-worker used to run in those circles (sex toys for the players) and she always said Magic is a BIG man and I leave it at that. She said he was nice and fun to be with and things "stood at attention" when required but deep down she felt there was "another" side to him.

His business is his business but it does seem a bit late all of this is coming to the surface now. If Magic wanted to be vicious then he should have come out with this when they had this little troll (Thomas) up on sexual harassment charges a few years ago. Too little, too late.


I still think Isaiah is a scorn lover.

Derrick from Philly

Interesting comments, all of them. It always fascinates me how famous people believe they can "keep it on the down-low" forever. Maybe in previous decades, but not anymore.

Well, then again, what do I know about the "down-low"? Nothing, honey...nothing 'cept that damn Larry "toilet toes" Craig--the Republican version of the down-low.

Q Dawg

This story is almost 20 years old. And sorry but Isaih wasn't the only one who thought Magic had some "fairy dust" in him.


"Magic's most shocking accusation is that Thomas was responsible for spreading rumors that Johnson was gay or bisexual after Johnson tested positive for HIV, forcing his retirement at age 32. "Isiah kept questioning people about it,'' Magic says. "I couldn't believe that. The one guy I thought I could count on had all these doubts."

If everyone keeps "talking about it", maybe there was something to the rumors, boo. Just a thought, Magic. Just a thought!


Does the fact that Magic is articulate and thoughtful make him gay. Why is it that Black men must speak like thugs or else be identified as soft or queer.

this story is 20 years old and Magic is telling his life story. I remember those days when players like Karl Malone refused to play with Magic. It is never too late to tell the story of discrimination, racism and homophobia. Never Forget.

The gay community starts rumors based on things like men kissing each other on the cheek. in other words based on absolutely nothing.

Praise them if nothing else for allowing themselves to be who they are in spite of the small minds who continue to spread and maintian these stupid baseless "rumors"
I am so glad that Magic is finally telling his story. Sorry if you arent old enough to remember this time. But I remember Magics press conference and his treatment after and it was atrocious.

We are all recipients of his good deeds and activism in the fight against Aids. Praise him and drop the bs. Allow a man to tell his own story. Puhleez

Danny Rivera

@ Mimi:

I'm sorry you feel that way. But surely you aren't trying to lecture to black gay men about homophobia, racism, discrimination and stereotypes? Surely you're not trying to say WE are the ones who gave Magic a very hard time?

And "Mimi" no offense but you are ... male, female, gay, trans? I'm trying to understand what a "Mimi' is and why you're lecturing black gay men on this topic.

Let me say what I said earlier: There was talk about Magic BEFORE the announcement. He was quite the partyboy in LA in the 80s and early 90s, I was there. I think its silly for him 20 YEARS LATER to single out Isiah as behind those rumors., Maybe Isiah did ask questions in the NBA, I don't know, but the rumors were going on long before his HIV announce.

And Magic has gone out of his way to say he is NOT gay or bi so he really didnt help gay brothas too much, dear Mimi.

Honut SInti

Please! Talk about late for the ball! These rumors, innuendo, hints, tips, "T", snaps, whispers, and whirls have been around so long until they have gathered a two inch thick layer of dust.

What I can't understand is that after nearly 20 years HIV+ and all the wonderful things he has accomplished, not to mentioned that he still appears to have his health, family, and wealth, why this even matters to Magic now.


There were rumors about Magic when he was at Michigan St...talk to anyone that was in (that) school at the time. I was in Chicago and here the rumors.


Magic Johnson was my favorite basketball player when growing up. He still is my favorite of all time. But I am deeply disappointed in him for "going there" in his book. Now that's what you call throwing someone under a bus. He should have just left well enough alone. Let sleeping dogs lie. This just makes things look messy and sordid. And what does he have to gain? Isn't he worth over $500 million? He hasn't been delighting me recently with all his predatory lending endorsements either.


What I find particularly offensive about this whole “conversation” between Magic and Isiah is that underlying it all is the belief that there are few things in this world worse than being gay. When Magic says about Isiah: “I couldn’t believe that. The one guy I thought I could count on had all these doubts. It was like he kicked me in the stomach”—well, that felt like a little kick to MY stomach.

Some day, men will react to the accusation that they are gay with a shrug, just as they would if someone “accused” them of being left-handed. In fact, there are already some men, including a few athletes it seems, who react with that level of consciousness today.

But not Floyd Mayweather. And not, it seems, Magic Johnson or Isiah Thomas.


i think i have heard it all now...magic johnson...articulate...in what parallel universe...after the wonderful words he said at michael jackson's memorial last summer...i have a lot of respect for magic...his predatory lending commercials not withstanding...i scratched my head about those too...

in any event, who is anyone to tell anyone else how they should react to a close friend or brother betraying them...magic has the right to examine the details of his own life including those who have betrayed him...

there are two different issues taking place here...truth be told, neither isiah or magic could be hailed as gay supporters...magic was tripping all over himself to announce that he didn't contract aids the nasty way...i.e., male to male interaction...yet by the same token, i don't remember isiah thomas announcing publicly that it didn't matter how he contracted it...

anyone who has ever been betrayed by someone they held close to their heart will understand that it's a scar that never quite heals...

i always admired isiah and magic's relationship because at last it gave black men an excuse to respond to one another in a way that did not include sophomoric, rampant violence...

truth be told except for the wayans brothers i can't think of any black men who publicly kiss one another now...

also, if we are going to castigate magic and isiah for never coming forward about their secret urges...then there are a hundred more black public figures and athletes who we will need to hold to the same standard...

of course, the truth is that black men love the down low...it's been a comfortable haven for them for decades...they learn it in church and they continue it throughout the rest of their lives...

some black men aren't even honest with women when they are cheating on them with other women...they deny, deny, deny...so why the hell would anyone thing that a black man in the 21st century would stand up gay and proud..please...


aaronthemoor asks: "so why the hell would anyone thing that a black man in the 21st century would stand up gay and proud..please..."

1. Because not everyone thinks that black men are, through some self-hating analysis, constitutionally incapable of courage and self-respect.

2. Because more than a few black man actually have. Such as this one and this one and these two, to show just four examples.

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