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19 October 2009


Jose Suarez




Derrick from Philly

Oh, now, wait a minute. This magazine is supposed to be mainly for dudes who are into athletics--which are thought to be straight dudes? Not this season, honey.

My fantasy Papi! Thank you, Rod, THank you ESp..whatever. And thank you, Senor Cruz.


Suddenly in the mood for CAKE!



Man, you know you already had me intrigued about this issue, but this photo made me STOP....DROP...and ROLL:

STOP what I was doing, including
DROP everything and
ROLL out to the store!

I got the issue with DWIGHT HOWARD on the cover and this is NOT for straight men!

It's a BRILLIANT marketing move though...BRILLIANT!



This magazine has always had shortless athletes many of its issues. Thie one they just went full force.
While I intitally bought this for Dwight, seeing eveyone else only added to the pleasure

apres moi

Damn. I usually don't buy copies of ESPN The Magazine, but I might just have to buy this copy. In the age of Obama, we're seeing more interracial couples in TV Ads (Levi's latest one for example) and a more European-like approach to nudity in straight-male targeted magazines. And that's a good thing.

Lang B

What a powerful shot.
He's ravishing.
My new sports/celeb crush.


I would kill to see the rest of this. This tease is just too much. At least Gooch let it all hand out. I think Cruz's pooch is too big and nice for the camera to handle. He don't look that big in his uniform but day um. Maybe I need to start vacationing in the dominican


MDS...the sexiest thing about the photograph is that his (NELSON CRUZ's) teammate calls him "COUNTRY-STRONG!"

Is it me or is that the single sexiest descriptive EVER!? MY MY MY!

P.S. Adrian Peterson's 4 images are delicious but it would have been brilliant if he was nude, completely. It would have made it such a study in the human form!


That's what I'm talking about. Big Bat indeed, but it's the cakes on my face I'm dreaming about.


Sorry, but you all are too late.

Back on October 8, I mentioned that Nelson Cruz was the raison d’être for this mag, but no one even said a word. So, since no one cared one way or another, Nelson has now been entirely consumed, from head to toe. These nice photos are all that is left to remember him by.

Sad, really. But you all did have your chance.


UN-FLIPPIN-BELIEVABLE. This guy is pure, sex. UGH!

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