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06 October 2009


Grambling State

"although we're still interested in hearing why he Randolph bought a gun as opposed to moving."

probably because there was something going on, the young athlete was walking around shirtless to tease the old perv and get free rent or something. but there is more to this story.


I agree there is more to the story- Randolph is pure trade!

Former COGIC

This guy was creep. He did not deserve to wear the collar.

That being said (ahem)I have to agree that there was more to the story than meets the eye! That is classic trade, to move in with some queen planning in stringing him along or not doing much!

Why not move out indeed? And how much was the rent??!!

Sean Beasley

is it just me or is anyone else disturbed by all off these black man on the DL crime stories? it's like the early 00ss all over again with these predatory creepy closet queens.

and make no mistake, it was being in the closet that helped create this behavior.

the sick MFer.

Anthony in Nashville

The closet kills! If not literally as in this case, then certainly spiritually.

Since the roommate stayed there spite of the preacherman throwing himself at him, I do wonder what details we haven't been told yet.


This is a horrible story of "When Trade Goes Bad". There is more and things are slowly trickling out.

The crime was indeed committed and the pastor will and must go to jail, but also the other guy is not clear of this.

It really is an obsessed queen and the trade that pushed him over the edge (if he wasn't already somewhat on the edge already, as shown by his previous arrests). Trade need to know who they are messing with. Everyone isn't stable enough to walk away or tell them to get out.

The female was the ultimate victim on many levels in this crime.


Yes fellahs we know "trade" when we see him. I thought the same thing when I first heard about this story last week. Looking at Randolph he definitely fits the bill of DL college athlete. If a roommate was making me feel uncomfortable I would bounce immediately, not buy a gun. I wonder if Randolph made any reports to the police prior to his girlfriend being slained by this mad man.

Chitown Kev

Co-sign that Steven Randolph is trade.

@Former COGIC- "And how much was the rent??!!"

And, more importantly, what was the METHOD of payment?


He took this woman's LIIIIIIFFFE....because of his lust for this guy. It wasn't even love...it was lust. This man needs to rot UNDER the prison. I'm staying far away from DL men...GTFOHWTBS


Why he bought a gun instead of moving is a pointless question. He is being accused of KILLING someone. That's all that matters. Could care less about either man's sexual orientation. A woman is dead.


For all any of us know, Randolph didn't have a job or couldn't find other housing he could afford or liked the idea of being able to impress his girlfriend by saying he lived in a nice house.

None of that matter though, because Randolph isn't accused of a crime. He may even have had grounds for a civil suit if he signed a lease and his landlord (Reaves) was making sexual advances related to the terms of the lease. Randolph is a victim himself.

Reaves is the one accused of murder. He's the one accused of the crime. He's the one with a history of predatory behavior and apparent anger management problems.

This is not "trade gone bad." This is about murder.

Kermit Alexander

... although we're still interested in hearing why Randolph bought a gun as opposed to moving. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Rod you think exactly like I do!! lmao!!

Kermit Alexander

And how much was the rent??!!
HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I have flatlined!!! Pure COGIC you've got me on the floor at work!! Stop it!!!

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