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03 October 2009



It seems like homophobia left this guy thinking the only way to live his life was as some sort of Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde. The expectations he was raised with left him a twisted person.

Face and Waist

This story becomes messier and messier. Such a tragedy and this man didn't deserve to be called a pastor.

Yeah and all the Bible thumpers and so called Christians who run to the Tonex posts stay away from thos.


this is really something. i mean, there are so many different angles to this story. my first question is how they met and became roommates. this is just too much. this is also the type of press that hurts our community b/c u know the haters will take a story like this and say see, this is how THEY do....i feel sorry for both of them, but if he killed that woman, he needs to pay for it.


it seems unlikely that these events happened before and no one knew.. I wonder if these are a a bunch of DL relationships gone wrong. We have all run into our share of psychos this one just happened to be a pastor..

Mel Smith

This is some really crazy news. These phony hypocrites make me sick.

Former COGIC

@ Dbarr: "this is also the type of press that hurts our community b/c u know the haters will take a story like this and say see, this is how THEY do"'

No they are not saying that at all. This man was closeted and leading a double life, an antigay pastor by day and freak by night. He had no contact with our community. This isn't what gay people do. This is what evil, closeted, confused angry men do. This is what the closet does.

Notice you NEVER hear stories like this in progressive denominations. The churches that are inclusive, welcome and accepting very rarely have these closeted weirdos. Only in the repressive churches like COGIC, Pentecostal, Baptist, Adventists, the evangelical denominations. And of course the Catholic Church.

I cannot tell you how many cases like this I have sen in COGIC. smh



I think you are right. Others in his churches were covering up for him all these years. Church queens and other closeted pastors. Just an awful story.

Danny Rivera

@ Larry-bob Roberts

Really good comment. I very much agree to a point.

At some point he did know he was leading a double life. And preferred his church status over being honest. It's hard be openly gay, but it's even harder to live a double life and live in the closet.

He did not have to be a minister in an antigay church. He did not have to condemn gay people and say we were going to hell and then get his freak on. And even if he were closeted, that does not mean you have to stalk and take revenge on men who reject you and their GFs. He could have always pastored a more progressive church and been more open with himself. Oh and Durham is like the most gay friendly city in North Carolina.

One more thing...this shows you how hypcritical these church people are. The bishop is a antigay and closted. The dead woman who attended his church (God rest her soul) was married and sleeping with the basketball trade who lived with the bishop. And the basketball trade had another GF. And straights talk about gays sleeping around?

Chitown Kev

"If I can't have him, nobody can."

At least that's what appears to be Miss Reaves attitude about the whole thing.

This story is just sick.


sometimes you become so enamoured with someone that you act stupid. When that happens you need to just remove yourself. The dude is hot so if you could not control yourself. remove yourself from the situation

We have all been there. He just went out of control


This is a mess. And, I am sure we are going to learn more when the defense has it turn. I am willing to bet the police department failed to dig deep enough. Something tells me the basketball player and a few others are not as innocent as they pretend.


...how come the trade continued to live with the closeted pastor? ...I'll tell you why, because even though he claims he didn't realize the pastor was making sexual advances toward him, (and I can't say 100% he's outright lying here), I DON'T believe him when he says this...I not only think he realized what was going on, but that also he could use it to his advantage without ever having to have sex with the pastor..this has been known to happen when a gay person decides to "room" with a straight person they have a sexual crush on, no?


Corruption always goes along with religion, regardless of the races or sexual orientations of the people involved. When will people learn to just say no to religion?


Ugh, what a creep, I wonder what he would have "offered" for something other than oral sex? these creeps are despicable, sit in that pulpit and twist the gospel and then turn out to be the biggest freak on the side and I don't mean sexually either.

Jail him for life this heinous crime, which is all on him and not anything else.

And, if he was fooling around with young boys as stated in the article, he is NOT a homosexual, he is a sick pedophile.

Danny Rivera

@ RIK:

"We have all been there. He just went out of control"

Threatening phone calls, slashing tires, stalking a straight man's girlfriend and stabbing her to death because she "was in the way" is .. out of control?

That's psychotic and those are very serious crimes. Maybe you've been there. I haven't though. smh


This is all so sad.

But I guess Juanity Bynum said it best "NO MORE SHEETS" and obviously as the church rage against us Gays the sheets are coming off in the church!

We haven't seen anything yet.


Steven Anderson is HOT!

There! I said it!

PS: And I'm sure he knew what was up and might have broken off the pastor a lil somethin...


This story is so crazy that I don't have much more to add than the previous posters. You're all pretty much all on target. The only victim here is the young lady who brutally lost her life. This "Minister" chose to stay in a hateful church, preach hate and act in the most hateful way possible.

This is definitely a future episode of "Law and Order:SVU".


ammm... I have never been there RIK. If the feeling is not mutual then Im stepping. No love = no roomimg, no car, no money, no nothing. At this stage in my life I am also not down with the closeted metro, bi, gay for pay or Buy sexuals... so although I admit thjat this playa is PHOINE I aint interested if he aint playing the game my way!

Derrick from Philly

I know this is awful, but I'm going to say it anyway:

What a great screenplay for Mechad Brooks and Tyler Perry.

"No, Miss Perry, you can't play the basketball player."


Something here is very off. I don't believe Mr. Randolph's allegedly rejection of Reaves sexual advances. It sounds like something sexual did occur between him and Reaves, but he won't admit in court because everybody will know...


Sorry not buying it. They were messing off with each other. Even if it was just oral. There was soemthing going on...

Trashelle Knowles

I honestly can't understand the logic behind Randolph getting a gun for his protection. Why not just MOVE OUT OF THE HOUSE? If you (and at this point, at least the Cousin that gave him the gun knew) knew that your old ass perverted roomie was trying to get at you, why not move out?

Why is MURDER the best solution? Didn't he have any friends who would let him crash on the couch, considering the EXTREME circumstances (having a male roomie trying to get at you)? I don't buy this for one minute. Most straight men I know would be like "hell naw, I'm getting outta this faggot's house." The reality is that this is just how homophobic brothers pretend to be. Most black men don't want other people to even SUSPECT that they hang out with a gay man, yet alone knowingly LIVE with a guy who has hit on you. Randolph stayed and got a gun instead? Not logical. He couldn't have been THAT POOR and without ANY FRIENDS who would let him crash on the sofa for a minute while he got a new place to stay. I am not buying it; Sell that bridge to someone else.

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