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09 October 2009


Lang B

Who said money can't buy LOVE? I am sure before he moves in, Madge will have hidden videos installed in the walls.

Derrick from Philly

I know "trade" can be expensive as a girl gets older, but this is ridiculous.

Humph....he'd have to be built like Reggie Bush and Brian Westbrook combined to get any real money out of me...you know, like more than enough for a transit pass or nickel bag.


well ...this is expected from Madonna ...and I guess he 'delivers' when needed. When I was younger I didnt believe in paying for anything but I can see now that sometimes you have to pay to get EXACTLY what you need!


Derrick, you need to quit! That was too funny, but, you are right, sorry, Mr Luz wouldn't be up there for that much in my empty bank account!


I ain'y mad about it:-) If I just got out of a long term relationship and wasn't ready or interested in going back into another one, I would import trade or whatever is needed to take care of "my needs". If you got the money.......hhheeeeyyyy:-)


HE'S GORGEOUS!!!!! If I had 500+ million dollars in my banking account like she allegedly does I'd only buy the best too, lol.


He better keep giving her what she wants if he wants keep getting the coins!


Lets don't hardly be foolish. Once the gig is up so is the apt I'm more than sure it's in HER name.

One thing about Madge she's no fool not at all!

Jesus Luz live while you can Boo!


Brazillian D*** is good. Trust me. It'll make you do things....lol Hey, you can't take it with you so might as well help Jesus out and the economy too while you're at it.

James M

Oh yeah he must be packing something to buy him a $2million dollar apartment. I mean packing something real BIG and he knows how to use it!


She never asked me, and I would have settled for 1.8.

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