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22 October 2009



What fantastic news!

I'm thrilled.

That being said, the fight rages on.


This is great news, I am so happy to hear it. What a great day for our LGBT community, cant wait until the president signs it.

And thanks Rod for the reporting. If it's not sexy or celebrity news, some gay blogs don't want to talk about it.


This is historic. It says something about our politics today that the bill had to be added to a DOD authorization bill to pass, but history will look well on this.

I hope that Obama stages a historic bill signing that will lead to media coverage of hate crimes. We need a national discussion of this important issue.

Honut SInti

This is fantastic news! We must, however, remain vigilant.

Derrick from Philly

What was Feingold voting against? The fact that it had to be attached to the Defense Appropriation? It had to be; he's one the strongest supporters of gay civil rights in the Senate.


Derrick, I can’t find any statement about the bill on Feingold’s website, but I know Feingold believes the Pentagon’s budget is grossly bloated, he opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning, and he is looking for a timetable for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

I admire his courage in voting against this bill. (I do not admire the cowardice and bigotry of the Republicans who voted against this bill.)

Chitown Kev

This is great news! Yes, as Marcus says, the fight rages on but I will remember that President Obama wil be the first President of the United States to sign federal non-discrimination legislation.

I'm still in Maine, y'all!

Chitown Kev

I need to add

President Obama wil be the first President of the United States to sign federal non-discrimination legislation for the LGBT community.

alicia banks

great news!

let's give him a white chocolcate chip cookie

and as he eats it
remind him that hets get ILLEGALLY killed, raped and beaten daily!

i need some more chips in my equality!!!

see more:

thank you mr president!


No shade Alicia sometimes your comments are irritating. I do remember you from earlier on The Daily Voice. You were straight all out for Hillary and never was for Obama and her husband has caused all types of pain for us in this community.

But I guess that's a pass isn't it?

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